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I'm Henery the Ace, I Am: A tribute to Alex
I'm Henery the Ace, I Am
I’m Henery the Ace, I am!
Henery the Ace, I am, I am!
I got kicking for the
college next door
Gave up soccer
'cuz I knew the score
And everyone
knows that Henery (Henery!)
should’ve won the Groza
’stead of Dan (not Dan!)
I’m your placekick man
I’m Henery
Henery the Ace, I am!
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1965 original: Video | Lyrics

NCAA career records
Games with four or more field goals: 6 (tie with John Lee, UCLA; Leigh Tiffin, Alabama)
Field-goal accuracy: 89.5% (68/76) | Prev. record: 87.8%, Bobby Raymond, Florida (43/49)*
FG accuracy, 40 yards or longer: 78.8% (26/33) | Prev. record: 72.1%, Billy Bennett, Georgia (31/43)
FG accuracy, 40-49 yards: 95.5% (22/33) | Prev. record: 82.6% Jeff Jaeger, Washington (19/23)
FG accuracy, inside 40 yards: 97.7% (42/43) | Prev. record: 97.0%, Bobby Raymond, Florida (32/33)**
Combined accuracy, FGs & PATs: 96.7% (261/270) | Prev. record: 94.9%, Jeff Wolfert, Missouri (244/257)
* Previous record for kickers with minimum of 55 attempts: 85.9%, John Lee, UCLA (79/92)
** Previous record for kickers with minimum of 40 made: 96.4%, John Lee, UCLA (54/56)
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