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2008 Red-White spring game

Winter/spring schedule

Pregame press

Stories on winter conditioning and spring drills are listed in reverse chronological order. Some dead links may be reachable via this archived version of the page.
Lots of eyes will be on the defense as fans today get their first peek at Bo Pelini's brand of Husker football at the spring game. What to watch for: 1, 2.
The heightened interest in spring games isn't just a Nebraska phenomenon.
Can't be at the game? In addition to the usual Web audio and game tracker, there will be live extras from the LJS and KLIN.
What a difference a year makes: Former players are unified and happy.
Joe Ganz adjusts to life in the spotlight. Ndamukong Suh has been injured but involved. Thursday notes (1, 2, 3) and spring game info (1, 2).
Recruits are excited by the chance to see "the new Nebraska" on Saturday.
A competitive spring game appears likely for a change as the rosters for the Red and White squads are announced. | Commentary
More than 100 recruits are expected to attend Saturday's spring game.
Phillip Dillard has picked up leadership qualities as he has shed pounds.
Prince Amukamara wears many hats on defense and special teams. Mike McNeil works at becoming the total package at tight end. Latravis Washington gets used to his switch to linebacker. Monday notes: 1, 2, 3
Tickets to the sold-out spring game are going for $95 on the secondary market and are hard to come by. General admission starts at $32.
Will the fullback's role expand? Shawn Watson does some experimenting.
Bo Pelini ramps up the emphasis on class attendance.
With lots of shoes to fill at receiver, Chris Brooks figures it's time to step up.
Roy Helu shines during a 40-minute scrimmage Saturday. Notes: 1, 2, 3
Disrespect has been Joe Ganz's competitive fuel during his years in Lincoln.
Cody Glenn's position switch appears to be permanent and a success.
Phillip Dillard trims down to speed up at linebacker.
Keith Williams is becoming a force on the O-line. Friday notes: 1, 2, 3
Marlon Lucky enters the 2008 season with unfinished business.
Prince Amukamara works at building his confidence level at cornerback.
Matt O'Hanlon is glad to finally get a shot at playing safety.
Seniority gets you only so far in the O-line competition Former defensive end Mike Smith fills multiple roles.
Brendan Stai and Aaron Graham provide the latest reconnection to the past for the 2008 Huskers. Wednesday notes: 1, 2
The spring game is declared a sellout (but kids can still get in with their Drug Free Pledge cards). KETV video
The defensive line's progress has Carl Pelini excited.
Alex Henery and Adi Kunalic duel once again for kicking duties.
The coaches already see improved intensity in the defense.
Option drills are part of Monday's practice for the offense. Monday notes.
The door to playing time is wide open for the tight ends.
Bo Pelini likes Cody Glenn's instincts at linebacker. Saturday notes: 1, 2
The staff tries to get players to their optimal weights for playing the game.
Marvin Sanders sees an eagerness to learn in his young secondary.
Todd Peterson hopes to be part of a turnaround in 2008.
KETV visits with energetic linebackers coach Mike Ekeler.
Only about 8,000 spring game tickets are still available.
Curenski Gilleylen is glad he redshirted. Friday notes: 1, 2, 3 | Video: 1, 2
Player features: Zac Lee, Jaivorio Burkes
Cody Glenn's move eases the I-back logjam. Roy Helu's play earns praise. vid (1K)
Marvin Sanders aims to revive the cornerbacks' interception numbers.
Thomas Lawson hopes for a rushing TD from his fullback position.
The Huskers head outside for Wednesday's practice and do some scrimmaging.
Get your spring game program.
Cody Glenn ponders a move to linebacker. Kenny Wilson works his way back onto the practice field.
Shawn Watson helps the new assistants get up to speed on the Husker offense.
Ron Brown looks for physical play from the tight ends.
The receivers know attention to detail is essential to earning playing time.
Rickey Thenarse finds peace on the playing field. Zac Lee impresses with his arm and mobility. Jaivorio Burkes aims to build off his starts as a freshman. Monday notes: 1, 2, 3
Focus on the O-line: Barney Cotton looks for physical play. Jacob Hickman's switch to center was no snap decision.
Menelik Holt is guided by his mother's strength.
Quarterbacking is a thing of the past for Latravis Washington.
ESPN.com looks at Joe Ganz, Bo Pelini and the 2008 Huskers.
Notes from Saturday's practice: 1, 2, 3, 4
Mike Ekeler is "consistently positive" about the linebacker corps.
Friday's practice is held outdoors in Memorial Stadium.
Shawn Watson names the offense "the Nebraska offense."
Marlon Lucky is content to stay at home. Phillip Dillard drops some weight.
Bo Pelini sees leadership traits in Joe Ganz, who will start the spring as the frontrunner.
Major Culbert is comfortable playing at safety.
Running-backs coach Tim Beck sees "complete" backs.
First-day-of-practice notes: OWH (1, 2), LJS (1, 2), GII (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), Huskers.com, KETV
Get ready for the spring game with your 2008 T-shirt and Bo's first win DVD.
The Colonel comes out of hibernation with his pre-spring assessment.
Bo Pelini and several players hold a spring football press conference. More: NSP (1, 2), GII, OWH (1, 2), KETV (1, 2, 3), LJS (1, 2), Sporting News, Yahoo.
How heavily NU commits to the ground game is one of the questions of spring.
Improved depth is one reason for optimism about the offensive line.
Seniority won't mean much this spring as all positions are up for grabs.
Larry Asante expects to stay put at his safety position.
Ndamukong Suh undergoes knee surgery and will miss spring drills.
A knee injury will keep cornerback Anthony Blue out of spring drills. LJS vidcast
Randy York talks about the walk-on program and spring game ticket sales.
Tickets for the spring game will go on sale Wednesday. Kickoff is 1 p.m.