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April 15, 2006 — 12:30 p.m.
Memorial Stadium, Lincoln
Pregame press
Stories on winter conditioning and spring drills are listed here in reverse chronological order.
Today's game offers a first glipse* at the '06 Huskers.* Here's what to look for.
Terrence Nunn works at sharpening his skills.*
The spring game, which is now a major recruiting tool,* can bring fleeting stardom.*
The Huskers have their final practice before Saturday's game. Herian* will play.
Kenny Wilson will be an interested observer* Saturday. Suh ready to be a force.*
Linebackers Ruud and Bradley eager to be cleared for full contact.
Huskers stay outside for 13th practice. Beck's status* for Saturday uncertain.
Matt Slauson making a name(s) for himself on the offensive line.*
A few injuries crop up during spring practice. Matt Schick has a video report on Matt Herian.
Tight end Justin Tomerlin* knows now's the time to start making a splash.
A rugged mentality on the offensive line could mean a stronger running game.
For many a hardcore Husker fan, the 2006-07 football season has begun.
Cosgrove has high hopes for the defense.* Shanle* and Rigoni aim to contribute.
Harrison Beck may miss the spring game. Huskers practice outdoors for first time.
Planning to go to the spring game? Here's some info from the Athletic Dept.
Joe Ganz seizes the moment. Marlon Lucky* moves north-south.
Coaches* from 16 states attended Saturday's practice.* Running backs impress.
Matt Herian* back on track* and expects to be at full speed. Barry Turner ready to make an impact.*
Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden* visits practice and is impressed* with Taylor.
Glenn misses most of practice with ankle sprain. U-back becomes part of the Husker alphabet.
A more physical* Cortney Grixby emerges. Zack Bowman works on technique.* Tyrell Spain catching up.
Greg Austin lends a hand as maintenance man* at center. Chris Patrick* works hard to make an impact.
Wednesday's practice featured a hard-hitting scrimmage.
Barry Cryer takes healthy approach. David Harvey* looks to get noticed.
Matt Slauson becoming a force at right tackle as the O-line builds depth.*
The Huskers work at further improvement* on punt returns.
Cosgrove pleased with defensive progress. Brandenburgh moves to SAM* linebacker. Carriker ready to lead.
Injuries mar Saturday's scrimmage. Kickers pushing each other. Depth in offensive line* a priority.
Glenn* impressive in scrimmage. Steve Sipple has a Q & A session with Zac Taylor.
Callahan, Huskers emphasize offensive line and I-backs.
The running game* gets attention in the first major scrimmage of the spring.
The imposing Ndamukong Suh works at mastering the game's mental side.*
Chris Patrick glad he decided to stay and works to keep his starting spot.
Octavien* attacks comeback.* Spain* starting over. Tom Osborne will be at a pre-game rally.(pdf)
Corner position looking solid thus far. Victory Haines' maturity* is a plus as he learns the ropes.
Thursday's practice featured early morning full-contact goal-line drills.
Position changes give the Huskers some mental workout. Opportunity knocks for tight end Josh Mueller.*
Wednesday's practice inside again and focused on short-yardage situations.
Punter position still up for grabs. Ndamukong Suh has eyes on starting position.
This time, Andrew Shanle is intent on holding on* to his No. 1 free-safety spot.
More reps this spring give Harrison Beck a chance to make strides.
Cryer and Dagunduro* are filling big shoes. Full-pads scrimmage the focus* of Monday's practice.
Tierre Green keeps rolling with the position changes. Leon Jackson* hopes to find his niche on offense.
Defensive line developing two new starters. Shawn Watson* has lots of players to work with at tight end.
The defense has the upper hand* in Saturday's scrimmage, but I-back Cody Glenn has a strong outing.
Zac Taylor is glad to find the game slowing down* for him. A super-sized Adam Carriker is thinking big.*
Day two of practice held indoors again due to the weather.
The punting job* is still up for grabs, and the defense looks for more takeaways.*
Huskers* sizing up Matt Slauson. Cody Glenn looking to "get loose."
I-back competition crowded.* Taylor ready to lead. Defense* getting greedy.
Tyrell Spain waits year for first day of practice. Tierre Green moving to safety.
Spring practice opens with a two-hour indoor workout. Video: KLIN, KETV. Safety depth a concern.
Zac Taylor feeling upbeat.* McKeon has confidence. Carriker intimidating.
Phillips* enjoys battle for time with tight ends. Herian nursing hamstring pull.
NU's offense ready to take step forward. Spring practice is a chance to shine.
Nate makes Swift* climb to the top. The spring practice news conference is rescheduled for Wednesday.
The competition for running back will be crowded. Jay Moore* has big expectations for this year.
The change of pictures* in Bill Callahan's office says a lot, Tom Shatel writes.
The offense* looks for improved production in '06. Todd Peterson* now a household name on the NU roster.
Coach Callahan has own version of March madness. Ola Dagunduro should be a force in 2006.
Cryer and Dagunduro* go for tackles and punchlines. More on the '06 defense.*
Zack Bowman intends to be a force* after struggling for much of last season.
Walk-on* players remain crucial, NU coaches say. Zac Taylor feels at home this spring.
Marlon Lucky learned a lot from Cory Ross and wants to be the starter this fall.
There are shoes to fill at safety. Injuries* will sideline several players during spring drills.
Spring football is just around the corner, and KETV has a preview.
Matt Herian makes progress but may be held out of full-contact drills this spring.
Winter conditioning, which is entering its final week, has a few new wrinkles.*
What a difference a year makes for Zac Taylor* as he heads into spring ball.
Linebackers Bradley, Ruud and Octavien are making their way back to the field.
Greg Austin says his chronically sore right knee feels "OK".
Tickets to the spring game go on sale. Only 57,000 seats available this year.
Veteran center Kurt Mann will miss spring drills because of shoulder surgery.*


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Offseason schedule
Jan. 18:
Winter conditioning begins
March 22:
Spring practice begins
Week 1–Mar. 22, 24, 25
Week 2–Mar. 27, 29, 30, Apr. 1
Week 3–Apr. 3, 5, 7, 8
Week 4–Apr. 10, 12, 13, 15
April 15:
Red-White spring game
Aug. 3:
First fall practice
Aug. 19:
Fan Day, Memorial Stadium