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Auburn vs. Nebraska

2007 Cotton Bowl — Dallas
Jan, 1, 2007 — 10:40 a.m. CST, Fox Sports

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Pregame press

Stories leading up to the game are listed here in reverse chronological order.
Which will be the hungrier team in Dallas? Will the flu bug affect Auburn? Get your pregame perspectives from the papers in Omaha,* Lincoln (1, 2, 3, 4), Grand Island (1, 2, 3),* Birmingham (1, 2, 3), Mobile, Huntsville (1, 2), Montgomery (1, 2, 3), Decatur, Columbus, Ga., Dallas (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6),* Fort Worth (1, 2, 3), San Antonio and Kansas City. Game predicions here.
Fox Sports is offering a free video webcast of the game.
Will Muschamp's Auburn defense hasn't quite lived up to lofty expectations.
Auburn's Kenny Irons is as much a talker as a runner.
The Lincoln paper breaks down the Tigers.
Bob Thornton recalls his big day in the 1974 Cotton Bowl.
Defensive ends Adam Carriker* and Quentin Groves* both wreak havoc on QBs.
All four I-backs will be healthy enough to play, it is announced after practice Saturday. Notes: 1, 2,* 3
Is there a future in the NFL* for Zac Taylor?
The players point toward a big year in 2007,* starting Monday.
Bill Callahan is learning the expectations* of his job, Tom Shatel writes.
The fullback hasn't fallen out of fashion in Lincoln or Auburn.
This is the fourth matchup between coordinators Kevin Cosgrove and Al Borges.
Both offenses are West Coast, but both emphasize* the run. NU notes: 1, 2
Auburn has turned the tide* against in-state rival Alabama. Auburn notes: 1, 2, 3
Clint Cosgrove* hopes to follow his dad's footsteps despite the job's negatives.*
Kickoff returns are a rarity when Auburn's Matt Clark tees it up.
Player features: Moore & Carriker (1,* 2), Brett Byford, Auburn's Courtney Taylor.
The Dallas paper profiles Bill Callahan* and Tommy Tuberville.*
The Blackshirts dispute* the Auburn QB's insinuation that they're plodders. And big games* seem to bring out their best.
New Husker assistant Buddy Wyatt faces a familiar adversary in the Tigers.
Kenny Wilson returns* to practice.* Thursday notes.
Auburn's defensive coordinator says he'll roll the dice* with an attacking defense.
Bill Callahan works at cultivating Nebraska's Texas connections.*
Alabama papers write about Zac Taylor and NU's transformation on offense.
Auburn's offensive coordinator looks beyond the statistics. AU notes: 1, 2, 3, 4
Auburn's Quentin Groves* aims to be a feared opponent at defensive end.*
Kurt Mann gets ready for life after football.*
Matt Herian's NFL aspirations* are still alive.
The Dallas paper describes Brandon Jackson's difficult path to stardom.
More about the tough sell this game has been for fans: 1,* 2*
It'll be the end of Auburn's long-running brother act: Kenny and David Irons.
The Huskers warm up to Dallas* and what a Jan. 1 bowl represents.
Auburn's offense looks for a breakout game with key players healthy again.*
Read the archived Dallas Morning News accounts of Nebraska's past Cotton Bowl appearances: 1965,* 1974,* 1980.*
Brandon Jackson practices with a soft cast.* Wednesday quotes & notes (1, 2*, 3, 4).
The Huskers regroup in Texas* and get back to work. Matt Slausen hopes his injured knee* doesn't hinder his position switch. Notes from Tuesday: 1, 2,* 3,*
Auburn arrives in Dallas with a serious mindset: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Tommy Tuberville talks about his Tigers and the Huskers.
Auburn's suspensions place linebacker Merrill Johnson back in a starting role.
The bowl game is a homecoming* of sorts for Marlon Lucky.
Andrew Shanle hopes for a future in coaching.
Community outreach brings Husker punter Dan Titchener satisfaction.
The Cotton Bowl stadium is overdue* for some fan-friendly upgrades.
Randy Jordan keeps Brandon Jackson motivated* to finish the season strong.
Opportunity knocks for Auburn freshman runningback Ben Tate.
Turner Gill remembers Auburn well.*
Auburn's placekicker rebounds from a disastrous junior season.
Brandon Jackson looks forward to getting rid of his cast.
Player features: Joe Ganz, Dane Todd,* Zac Taylor,* Maurice Purify.
Grunt work leads to occasional glory for Dan Erickson.*
Brett Byford's play is a testament to patience.
The players welcome their four-day Christmas break.*
Cotton Bowl tickets now available for as low as $26.
Healed-up players could give Auburn's offense a new spark.
Major Culbert receives reps at I-back.
Rickey Thenarse finds he has a lot to learn* at the cornerback position.
NU's injured running backs are still healing. More notes from Wednesday: 1,* 2
Auburn players say they're motivated for this bowl game.
Andrew Shanle savors his final playing days* with the Huskers.
A grudging move to offense pays off in spades for Auburn lineman Ben Grubbs.
Early kickoffs haven't been kind to Auburn this season. AU notes from Tuesday.
Andre Jones vows to regain his Blackshirt.*
"It's like I'm leaving family," Ola Dagunduro says as his time at NU nears an end.
Todd Brown recalls the '82 win over Auburn and discusses his divided loyalties.
Plenty of Cotton Bowl tickets remain unsold.
The Huskers' defensive line will have a lot of shoes to fill after Jan. 1.
Jerraud Powers is Mr. Versatility in Auburn's defensive backfield.
The emergence of Carl Nicks* gives the right side of the O-line lots of heft.
Auburn's Kenny Irons hopes for a strong finish* to an injury-plagued season.
Brandon Jackson sets his sights* on the 1,000-yard mark.
The December layoff gives Auburn QB Brandon Cox time to heal.
Take a look at how the game predictions are shaping up.
Notes from Saturday's practice: 1, 2,* 3
Auburn suspends three players for violating team rules.
Sam Keller* ends a semester of practices with an inside track on the QB job for next season. Notes from Friday's practice: 1, 2, 3,* 4*
Auburn begins bowl practices, intent on avoiding last January's result.
Maurice Purify knows he has work to do to become the go-to receiver.
Major Culbert makes the most* of his extra reps in bowl practice.
Auburn struggles to sell its ticket allotment.
He has touchdowns; now Hunter Teafatiller* would like to score a scholarship.
Rickey Thenarse* impresses coaches with his special-teams prowess.
The matchup with Auburn excites Alabama native Brett Byford.*
Auburn intends to be more focused than in last year's bowl.
Carl Nicks tries to stay hungry* as he becomes a regular on the O-line. J.B. Phillips gives it a go at fullback. Notes* from Sunday. KETV
Life's turns make Maurice Purify's path* anything but smooth.
Matt Slauson* practices at right guard as the Huskers begin their preparations for the Cotton Bowl.
A third Auburn assistant is eyeing a head-coaching vacancy.
Bowl practices* start Saturday, and Bill Callahan plans to use them to get a leg up on the 2007 season.
Auburn linebacker Will Herring's journey began at quarterback.
Nebraska's seniors on the defensive line approach the end of an eventful journey.*
Will the fourth time* against a top-10 foe be a charm? Zac Taylor is eager for a shot at redemption.*
Bill Callahan plans to make the most of bowl practices.
Auburn's 13-0 season of 2004 has created high expectations.*
There are similarities in Auburn's and NU's offensive philosophies.
Auburn's offensive coordinator and running backs coach are in the hunt for Stanford and North Texas jobs.
Auburn players welcome the postseason change of pace and vow not to be caught napping like a year ago.
Brandon Jackson's broken hand* is expected to heal in time for the bowl game.*
It'll be the Huskers against Auburn on Jan. 1* in the Cotton Bowl. "We hope to blanket that stadium in orange," Auburn's A.D. says. See how the teams match up statistically.
It'll be the Fiesta or the Cotton Bowl for the Huskers.