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HuskerMax Through These Gates Movie Tour

During the 2013 football season Ryan Tweedy and David Max will be touring the state of Nebraska and other locations to provide screenings of Ryan's Nebraska Cornhuskers movie titled Through These Gates. Follow the tour here:

If you can't make it to a screening you can order online at this link.

Download the theme song on iTunes.

Ryan Tweedy was born a Husker and will die a Husker. He is a fim editor in Los Angeles and has been filming and editing for this documentary all over the United States for a year and a half. More information about the documentary and Ryan's associates in the film making process can be found at the film's website Huskersfilm.com.

David Max is the co-founder of HuskerMax.com and the author of the book 50 Years of Husker Memories.

Ryan and David will personally attend each screening and be available for a question and answer session about the film and the book and will autograph copies of the DVD and the book. We hope to be able to provide an enjoyable experience for Husker fans across Nebraska and raise money for local community organizations at the same time.

Here is the current schedule for cities that are booked and when we will be in your neighborhood.