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April 20, 2017

Quarterback decision

Welcome, Husker Nation, to this gut-reaction edition of the Carriker Chronicles. As we were giving the kids a shower, I got the news that Tanner Lee has been named the starting quarterback for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I have to say, I'm not surprised as I think he edged out Patrick O'Brien the spring because of that first-round arm talent he has. We saw that in the spring game especially on his touchdown pass to JD Spielman.

The competition between the two quarterbacks definitely brought out the best, but I think it was the intangibles and that leadership that earned him the starting job. One thing I like was that instead of taking a year off last year, Tanner Lee earned the scout team offensive player MVP, which I think earned the respect and trust of his teammates and coaches.

I like that they named the starting quarterback now. If the competition goes on too long, you can create a divided locker room. As of now, it is his team and they can begin to tailor the offense specifically for Tanner Lee. They can build the scheme and add personnel that will suit him best.

The other thing that has me feeling good it is the fact that we have two suitable backups in case the unthinkable happens. Patrick O'Brien is right there and ready to go. Should something happen to him, I feel comfortable enough to burn Tristan Gebbia's redshirt and pass the reins to him.

The bottom line and my gut reaction is Tanner Lee, this is your team. Take the bull by the horns and lead this team as far as it can possibly go this year.

Until Fast Friday, Husker Nation, Go Big Red and always remember ... to THROW THE BONES!