Play-by-Play First Quarter | to the Miami 20. Dennis Miami won the toss and JP’ . elected to receive, Miami ^ laridge then flipped taking over on the 18 The temperature was then flipped a pass to Callahan on the 6. | Claridge passed to Mike Eger ariind ‘l^”degrees‘ and” boih ! ^„hnson’fp.W g™d clubs were using tennis shoes on the frozen turf. Nebraska kicked off, Miami George Mira started pass-. over on the 17. Miami ing early and hit end Jirn ground plav as Simon on the 37 for a first Yiali ended in a 20-20 down. Two running plays put the ball on the NU 48. Third Quarter the Two more running plays Opening the second half, moved the ball to the NU t Miami kicked off, NU’s; 27. Mira then fumbled and stuewe returning the ball to the Mison the 42. Seven plays later, taking over on their 34. After Mira moved his mates to the two plays, Bennett fumbled i NU 28. Bob Wilson tried a and Dave Theisen recovered field goal but it was no good for the Huskers on the Mi- and NU took over on their 20. ami 44. After one play, a pitch-out On Hie first plav Willie fumbled and Miami re- . X I- .»A Larry Donovan recovered on the Miami 41. the NU 31. After only a play, Claridge After 3 ground plays, NU j fumbled and Miami recovered was forced to punt, Miami Ross circled end and raced C‘»v<‘r<*d t” 4 the’* 6** Kunning*, Ttornmn blasted ‘«’•a “>»ved the ball to the 3. Thunder »r teuennown _^ne ry ■^ i»o7a ¿-0 ield with gi’^ng Miami a 27-20 lead _ , Miami kicked off, NU s M-w*» leii. a : its • I j fi- XI . ‘ Stuewe returning to the 45. . Nebraska kicked off Miami ciaridge hit, x,- Theisen who ran to the Miami i j “dskers stymied the Miami ineligible receiver i I w’as down field and the gain ‘ ‘ ^ was nullified. NU was then h ^^ebraska couldn’t m o v e forced to punt, Miami taking … .. , „ J’.”-“ f”’*“” »JD pass to Ben a rim Biz/o from 10 yards out to stumbled down taking over on their 46. .Nft-1 in 7 plays, Miami moved to er a penalty, Miami came i the NU 30, but stalled and Ne- back strong and pushed the | braska took over, ball down to the NU 37. Two j After two plavs, Claridge, plays later, Mira bulleted a ; operating a ‘shot-gun’ offense, pass to Jack Sims who ran i hit Ross to the Miami 42. Two to the 12. plays later, Claridge hit Calla- II-lu \ on J 1 fi u Ik oo r’T ofiot. \Mth only M seconds left, han on the 28. Claridge. »Her, — Stuewe who ‘ hit to the 4. Miami the tying score. Stuewe drove to the one-foot The placement attempt w^s line. -/-O. S-‘ing Miami a 6.6 lliem Miami kicked off, Nebraska taking over on the 20 as the first period ended. Second Quarter Opening the second period NU w^as on their 24. The Huskers couldn’t move the ball and punted, Miami taking over on their 35. gave NU a 28-27 lead. Only 8 seconds remained in the 3rd period as Nebraska kicked off. Fourth Quarter After taking over the ball i non the 20, Miami ran only two! plays before Claridge inter-1 cepted a Mira pass. Aft„r •> „i»vc Mi… hi, ‘®‘heton XT I D A ^ I ’lu x?TT 1 25. Ross thcu wcttt to the 21.1 T^^o plays^iater sprinteHow^ iKi Spinelli for the TD. A li’y xhornton blasted for the two-1 i for ¿’^’o-pomts was no good ‘ a 36-27 ad- as Miami took a 12-6 lead, Miami kicked off, Willie Nebraka kicked off, Mi- Ross grabbed the ball on the ami’s Spinelli returning to 8 and raced down the sideline the NU 46. After two plays for a 92-yard TD run. Rudy Miami got to the 38, then a Inhncnn’c PAT lrir.Lr tx-uc c T aa / 1 . i __________ a u ^ I u 1 ivsrr I. I w J ——– „ . . . Johnson I AT kick was good 15 -yard penalty moved t h e giving NU a 13-U lead. ^ail to the 12. ; NU kicked off, Miami tak- Bennett got to the 5, Ryder ing over on the 23. After a to the one. Ryder then scored short ground gain, Mira! the TD with 9:28 left. Wll-i i went to the air and moved son’s FAT kick was good as ■ the ball to the 48. Miami got Miami cut the lead 36-35. down to the 31 in a play and Miami kicked off, Nebras- ; a penalty. Mira passed down ka taking over at the 37. ; to the 18. Mira passed to Bill Three running plays, high- Sparks who gained to t h e lighted by Thorntons 11 yard tw’o. Bennett fought to the ramble, got NU a first down one. Bennett again was held, on Miami’s 45. Ryder then dove over the Stuewe ran 5 to the 40, then Huskers for the TD. Mira Claridge hit Callahan on the passed to Ryder for the two- 27. Ross fought to the 19. On point PAT, giving Miami a a sneak, Claridge gained a | 20-13 lead. first down on the .Miami 16.’ Miami kicked off, Nebraska Two plays put the ball on taking over on the 46. hard- the 10. Thornton was pushed charging Miami line stopped back to the 11. On a 4th down the Huskers and NU punted, play, Ross could only get to Miami taking over on the 24. the 8 and NU lost the ball After 7 plays, Miami moved on downs, the ball down to the Husker Miami took over on the 8. , 23. Finally the Miami attack After 6 plays, Mira moved! stalled, and the Hurricanes the Miamians to their 47.; Then an interference call | gave Miami new’ hope. After a controversial play which faked a field goal on 3rd down, but it didn’t gain the first down yardage. Gn 4th down, Mira completed h i s I pass, but was short of yardage and NU took over on the ball on the NU 45. the officials called an })lete pass, Miami had the 22 . Dennis Claridge fired a pass good to Dick C’allahan up to the 39 on the first play, Claridge then hit Dave Theisen who sprinted down But big Bob Brow’n then picked-off a Mira pass with only 58 seconds left. Nebras-j ka ran out the clock for its first win in history in a bowl game or on television.