Tanner Lee: 2017 Purdue week presser

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Oct. 23, 2017
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Pre Purdue

Quarterback Tanner Lee
On the bye week
“I think it was big for us as far as giving guys bodies a break, and you know I think in practice we focused a lot on fundamentals and getting back to the basics, things we wanted to be good at and focus on so that was really good and I think we got a lot out of it.”

On screen plays
“I think the big thing with screens is that, and I think the O-line is very aware of this, is that it is kind of on them to get the play started and make those first couple key blocks so that the backs can get out in the space and make some plays. I think they have really been focusing on that. I think we had a big one a couple weeks ago when Jerald (Foster) had a big block that really sprung it and so if we could just continue to focus on hitting those first couple of blocks and getting the ball out and getting it into the running backs hands that make plays that will continue to work for us.”

On his performance in the screen plays
“I think it is tough just in any play, I think. In any drive you want to get into a rhythm, you know, be able to move the ball downfield. And you know, getting a screen play stopped or a holding penalty or something like that you know interrupts that drive and makes it get really tough, not just for screen plays, just for anything in general that kills that rhythm are things you need to try to eliminate.”

On the team’s perseverance
“I think I just continue to listen to my coaches and just try to focus on doing what they are asking me to do. I think just maintaining my confidence in myself and kind of feeding off the support from my teammates, things like that just allowed me to keep playing so I hopefully can continue to do that.”

On if that is hard to do
“No I don’t really think so. It is just kind of the only option, keep playing. I have a lot of confidence in my ability to make plays and so I will never lose that.”

On if it was an adjustment getting back onto the field
“It didn’t feel much different. It still felt like playing football so not too big of a difference or anything.”

On Purdue’s defense
“I think there is a solid defense through and through. They have a lot of experience kind of spread out through their defense and so they will be a good challenge for us, especially on the road. So I am looking forward to really getting into them and looking forward to us having a good game plan.”

On his week
“Just rest. Tried to sleep as much as I can and I think I will continue to do what the strengths staff has us doing, you know, keeping my body right and everything. So just really focusing on that and it was nice. I think it was much needed for everybody. I feel great going into the end of this week.”

On if it was good for the team to have time off
“I think we will have a great practice today. I think the guys will be excited to get back into it. You know you get to watch football all weekend and it just makes you itch and miss it and you want to get back out there. So I think it will be exciting because of that.”

On which other quarterbacks he watches
“This weekend, I watched probably more NFL than college ball but I watched the USC game. But, this weekend I watched I think three or four NFL games. I am a big fan so I am happy with how the Saints have been playing. And then last night, Matt Ryan and Tom Brady, I couldn’t miss that. That was a great game. I thought the Falcons were going to play better but I’m glad they lost.”

On the coaches
“I think it is…it’s good for us to see that our coaches have showed great leadership, it is something that I have learned from. They way that Coach Riley and Coach Langsdorf continue to just coach the team and really pushing us and getting us better and chance that they can has been great to see and I think it has made us better and it has made me better.”

On negative media attention on coaches
“I think I just see Coach Riley doing a great job, you know, controlling the team and the message that he has put into our locker room. I think the biggest thing for us is that we are focused on us as a team and really not anything else. We are focused on what it is going to take to win this week. And know that our coaches are going to be focused on that 100 percent because they have been week in and week out. Their consistency is something that drew me to Nebraska and something that makes me really glad that I am here day in and day out.”

On the team’s performance for Coach Riley
“I think we have so much respect for Coach Riley and we love him. No matter what is going on we play hard for him. We play hard for each other so I mean nothing really changes.”

On the team’s goals
“I think they have shifted a little but because we don’t have full control over our own destiny now. But, what we can control now is to win out in the west. You know, give us a chance and I think that’s our goal right now is to continue to win games and let the rest take care of itself. A lot of things out there could still happen and we are well aware of that and we just want to control as much as we can.”

On missed opportunities
“I think that is something we needed to focus on and what we keep doing is that finishing drive with points and not stalling out in a million different ways. Just finding a way to grind out drives and just finish in the end zones is super important in winning a game and I think that is something that we have to continue to get better at.”

Source: Nebraska Athletics