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Husker Doc Talk: Final Thoughts on 2017

12/19/17 | HuskerMax
As 2017 comes to an end, Rob Zatechka and Travis Justice give their final thoughts on what has been a remarkable year. Dr. Rob and Travis got into their now weekly Brook Berringer argument. And yes they spend a lot of time talking about Scott Frost, recruiting, and the upcoming bowl game that Frost will coach for UCF. Listen to…

Husker Doc Talk: Waiting for the new guy

11/29/17 | HuskerMax
What's it like from a player's perspective to have your coach dismissed and then wait for a new one? Zach Potter, who was a junior when Bill Callahan was fired, joins Dr. Rob Zatachka and Travis Justice to provide some insights. Listen to the entire podcast here. CLICK FOR FULL PODCAST

Husker Doc Talk: Pros & Cons of the Nebraska Job

11/14/17 | HuskerMax
Dr. Rob Zatechka and Travis Justice discuss the pros and cons of the Nebraska job. Everyone wants Scott Frost, and it would be foolish to think the former Nebraska quarterback isn't at least a little stimulated by the thought of coming home to lead his alma mater. But this might be tough for Husker fans to hear: Nebraska is NOT…

Husker Doc Talk: How Can It Not Be Over?

11/8/17 | HuskerMax
Dr. Rob Zatechka and Travis Justice talk about the Nebraska loss to Northwestern. They also address what appears to be the impending end of the Mike Riley era as the coach sounds like a man who's already been fired. Listen to the entire podcast here. CLICK FOR FULL PODCAST

Husker Doc Talk: Fan passion

11/2/17 | HuskerMax
Are Husker fans that different from other college football fan bases? Sure they are "nice," but they are also vicious to their own when it comes expectations of the program and living up to those lofty goals. Travis Justice and Dr. Rob Zatechka discuss this passion that at times borders on the lunatic fringe. Also, commentary on the win at…

Husker Doc Talk: Dave Rimington in studio

10/25/17 | HuskerMax
Now that he's done being the interim athletic director at Nebraska, Dave Rimington can get back to his regular life. But first, Dave stops by to visit with with Travis and Dr. Rob about his short but productive time back in Lincoln. There are insights into how he was hired, the processes that led to the hiring of Bill Moos,…

Husker Doc Talk: NIU postgame edition

9/19/17 | HuskerMax
Has the season gone to hell in a handbasket? In this week's installment, Dr. Rob Zatechka tells us if he thinks Mike Riley will make it through the season as the cries for a firing get louder. Listen to the entire podcast here.CLICK FOR FULL PODCAST