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Roger Craig, Vince Ferragamo, Lavonte DavidCraig, Ferragamo & David

Former Husker players
on Super Bowl rosters

There have been 80 roster appearances by 62 former Husker players in 41 of the 57 Super Bowls. Only those on the active roster for the game are listed here. (The Athletic Department’s far more lenient list is here.) Twenty-six Huskers have been starters (35 starts in all).

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Key: * Starter; ^ Did not play
2023Suh, NdamukongDTEagles L
2023Jurgens, CamOLEagles L
2023Stoll, JackTEEagles L
2022Morgan, Stanley Jr.WRBengals L
2021David, LavonteLBBuccaneers*W
2021Davis, KhalilDTBuccaneers^W
2021Suh, NdamukongDLBuccaneers*W
2019Burkhead, RexRBPatriots W
2019Suh, NdamukongNTRamsL
2018Burkhead, RexRBPatriots L
2018Gerry, NathanLBEagles W
2017Valentine, VincentDTPatriots W
2013Koch, SamPRavens W
2012Amukamara, PrinceCBGiants W
2011Jackson, BrandonRBPackers W
2010Nicks, CarlGSaintsW
2010Shanle, ScottLBSaintsW
2010Glenn, CodyLBColts L
2009Brown, RalphCBCardinals L
2008Smith, LeKevinDTPatroits L
2008Hochstein, RussOLPatroits L
2006Brown, JoshPKSeahawks L
2006Wistrom, GrantDESeahawksL
2005Hochstein, RussGPatriots W
2004Rucker, MikeDEPanthersL
2004Minter, MikeSSPanthersL
2004Hochstein, RussGPatriotsW
2003Treu, AdamCRaidersL
2003Johnson, EricS/LBRaiders L
2003Parrella, JohnDTRaidersL
2002Wistrom, GrantDERamsL
2001Peter, ChristianDTGiants L
2000Wistrom, GrantDERamsW
2000Colman, DougLBTitans L
1999Booker, MichaelCBFalconsL
1999Smith, NeilDEBroncos W
1998Smith, NeilDEBroncosW
1998Veland, TonyCBBroncos W
1998Williams, TyroneCBPackersL
1997Williams, TyroneCBPackers W
1997Jones, CalvinRBPackers W
1996Stai, BrendenGSteelersL
1996Jones, DontaLBSteelers L
1995Parrella, JohnDTChargers L
1994Turner, NateRBBillsL
1990Munford, MarcLBBroncos L
1990Craig, RogerRB49ersW
1990Rathman, TomRB49ersW
1990Williams, JamieTE49ers W
1989Skow, JimDEBengalsL
1989Rathman, TomRB49ersW
1989Craig, RogerRB49ersW
1988Davis, BrianCBRedskins W
1986Fryar, IrvingWRPatriots L
1986Waechter, HenryDTBears W
1985Craig, RogerRB49ersW
1985Barnett, BillDEDolphins L
1984Nelson, BobLBRaidersW
1984Humm, DaveQBRaiders W
1983Franklin, AndraRBDolphinsL
1982Horn, RodNTBengals L
1982Harper, WillieLB49ers W
1981Nelson, BobLBRaidersW
1981Phillips, RayLBEagles L
1980Andrews, GeorgeLBRams L
1980Ferragamo, VinceQBRamsL
1977Humm, DaveQBRaiders W
1977Johnson, MonteLBRaidersW
1977Dumler, DougCVikingsL
1977Bonness, RikLBRaiders W
1977Tingelhoff, MickCVikingsL
1975Tingelhoff, MickCVikingsL
1975Blahak, JoeCBVikingsL
1974Tingelhoff, MickCVikingsL
1973Vactor, TedCBRedskins L
1973McDole, RonDERedskinsL
1973Fischer, PatCBRedskinsL
1970Tingelhoff, MickCVikingsL
1968McCloughan, KentCBRaidersL
1968Powers, WarrenSSRaidersL
RECORD SETTER: In 1985, Roger Craig became the first Husker to score in a Super Bowl — and in that game he set single-game Super Bowl records for touchdowns (3) and points (18). The touchdown record has since been tied, most recently in 2023 by Jalen Hurts, who also scored a two-point conversion to break the scoring record.

REPEAT CONTENDERS: Mick Tingelhoff has the most Super Bowl appearances (4) among Huskers but never played on the winning team. Roger Craig has the most wins (3) of any Husker.

NU vs. NU: Twelve Super Bowls have featured Huskers on both teams. According to play-by-play logs, the only time a Husker has tackled a Husker was in 1990, when Marc Munford had tackles against Roger Craig and Tom Rathman. Jim Skow recovered a Craig fumble in the 1989 game. Defensive stats for all ex-Huskers here.



Below are all official box-score entries involving former Huskers. Tackles and other defensive stats are listed separately here.

2019 (LIII)
New England        No.   Yds.   TD   LG
 REX BURKHEAD       7     43     0   26

New England        No.   Yds.   TD   LG
 REX BURKHEAD       2     15     0    8

2018 (LII)
New England        No.   Yds.   TD   LG
 REX BURKHEAD       3     18     0    9

New England        No.   Yds.   TD   LG
 REX BURKHEAD       1     46     0   46

Kickoff returns
New England        No.   Yds.   TD   LG
 REX BURKHEAD       0      0     0   -1

2013 (XLVII)
Scoring plays
 BAL - Safety, SAM KOCH out of bounds in
       endzone, 0:04 left in 4th Qtr.

Baltimore          No.   Yds.   TD   LG
 SAM KOCH           1     -8     0   -8

2011 (XLV)
Green Bay          No.   Yds.   TD   LG
 BRANDON JACKSON    1     14     0   14

2006 (XL)
Scoring plays
 SEA - JOSH BROWN 47 field goal,
       0:22 left in 1st Qtr.
 SEA - Stevens 16 pass from Hasselbeck
       (JOSH BROWN kick) 6:45 3rd

2003 (XXXVII)
Scoring plays
 OAK - ERIC JOHNSON 13 return of blocked punt
       (pass failed) 14:16 4th

1990 (XXIV)
Scoring plays
 SF - TOM RATHMAN 1 run (Cofer kick)
      7:15 2nd
 SF - TOM RATHMAN 3 run (Cofer kick)
      14:57 4th
 SF - ROGER CRAIG 1 run (Cofer kick)
      13:47 4th

San Francisco      No.   Yds.   LG   TD
 ROGER CRAIG       20     69    18    1
 TOM RATHMAN       11     38    18    2

San Francisco      No.   Yds.   LG   TD
 ROGER CRAIG        5     34    12    0
 TOM RATHMAN        4     43    18    0
 JAMIE WILLIAMS     1      7     7    0

1989 (XXIII)
San Francisco      No.   Yds.   LG   TD
 ROGER CRAIG       17     71    13    0
 TOM RATHMAN        5     23    11    0

San Francisco      No.   Yds.   LG   TD
 ROGER CRAIG        8    101    40    0
 TOM RATHMAN        1     16    16    0

1988 (XXII)
Washington         No.   Yds.   LG   TD
 BRIAN DAVIS        1      0     0    0

1986 (XX)
Scoring plays
 NE  - IRVING FRYAR 8 pass from Grogan
      (Franklin kick) 13:14 4th
 CHI - Safety, Grogan tackled in end zone
       by HENRY WAECHTER, 5:36 4th
New England        No.   Yds.   LG   TD
 IRVING FRYAR       2     24    16    1

Punt Returns
New England       No.  FC  Yds.  LG  TD
 IRVING FRYAR      2    0   22   12   0

1985 (XIX)
Scoring plays
 SF - ROGER CRAIG 8 pass from Montana
      (Wersching kick) 11:34 2nd
 SF - ROGER CRAIG 2 run (Wersching kick)
      2:05 2nd
 SF - ROGER CRAIG 16 pass from Montana
      (Wersching kick) 6:18 3rd

San Francisco      No.   Yds.   LG   TD
 ROGER CRAIG       15     58    10    1

San Francisco      No.   Yds.   LG   TD
 ROGER CRAIG        7     77    20    2

1983 (XVII)
Miami              No.   Yds.   LG   TD
 ANDRA FRANKLIN    16     49     9    0

1980 (XIV)
Los Angeles        No.   Yds.   LG   TD
 VINCE FERRAGAMO    1      7     7    0

Los Angeles       Att  Cmp  Yds  TD  Int
 VINCE FERRAGAMO   25   15  212   0    1

Kickoff Returns
Los Angeles        No.  Yds.   LG    TD
 GEORGE ANDREWS     1     0     0     0

1973 (VII)
Punt Returns
Washington       No.  FC  Yds.  LG   TD
 TED VACTOR       0    2    0    -    0