Press conference quotes: Mohamed Barry

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Oct. 30, 2017
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Pre Northwestern

Linebacker Mohamed Barry
On if he has reviewed film of the Purdue game
“Yeah. I think I started off great, where I wanted to start off. Then after that, I felt like I started tackling bad and felt like I was , honestly and not of my expectations for myself and of my coaches. I started off good, then started tackling bad and then did whatever it took at the end to secure the win.”

On the confidence of the defense after getting stops on the final three possessions
“Last three – well, I would say four – it meant a lot. We had to give our offense a chance to execute and do what they did at the end and we did it. So as a defense, that’s all you ask for. One point than the opponent to get that win.”

On his thoughts about Northwestern
“I know they have a pretty good running back, (Justin) Jackson. And (Clayton) Thorson, their quarterback, great runner. makes plays, extends plays with his legs. The intermediate – to long-thrower. He’s a leader and the heart and soul of his team, and you can see that even just watching the first few series of film.”

On what Defensive Coordinator Bob Diaco got across to the defense over the bye week
“Just focusing on ourselves. Little things that make you a better player or make you a good player. Tackling, stuff like that, coverage, just the little stuff that we were lacking as the season went by, that we were really good when the season started and then started to lack a little bit. So just tuning up, that’s what made me kind of disappointed. And the tackling, for this game, because we worked on that and I was great in practice, and to come out there and start tackling bad was unacceptable.”

On Coach Diaco’s demeanor in-game and at halftime
“He gives you confidence. Even that last drive before halftime, I was in there just shaking my head and he just comes in there and he gives you confidence because he knows what you can actually do. And that’s what I felt like we gain after the half. He came in there real calm and collected and told us what we need to do to fix the problems, and then we did it.”

On if he would like to have Coach Diaco on the field during the game
“No, I feel like Coach Bray does a good job in leading us while Coach Diaco is in the press box analyzing the offense and giving the right calls. I feel like Coach Bray does a great job in leading us out there.”

On if he wonders what Coach Diaco will say in the locker room
“When I mess up in the play, I’m thinking, I don’t want to see him right now because I just let him down. So I know he feels great joy and he loves us, so when we make great plays I can feel his energy from the press box and just like someone you never want to disappoint when you make a bad play. You feel that you let him down in that point.”

On his thoughts on Tanner Lee’s game-winning drive
“It was magical. I felt like something would happen and he started making great decisions, really great decisions. And our offensive players started making great decisions, too. Tyler Hoppes with the stiff-arm going out of bounds and players, running backs knowing where to go out of bounds and the importance of going out of bounds. Just the chemistry with him and Stan (Stanley Morgan Jr.) for that last touchdown, it clicked. That’s the quarterback I’ve seen in fall camp. You all just have to give him a chance, he’s growing in his own and he’s going to be a great player for us.”

On Dedrick Young II playing with a cast on his hand
“Even with these running backs we had to tackle, I know it was pretty tough for him, but he manned up. He’s my roommate, and he never doubted himself going into the game. He just said, ‘I’ve got a cast, just got to man up and execute,’ and that’s what he did to the best of his capability.”

On the challenges of the Northwestern game
“Jackson, he runs like a 260-pound running back. He’s real physical, high-knees when he runs – loves to use the stiff-arm. He plays with heart and passion and as a player you admire that. Us as a defense have to match that heart.”

On if that was the highest percentage of plays he’s played at the Purdue game
“Yeah, I would say so.”

On how coming off a win affects how they prepare for the next team
“Every game is four quarters long, so you just look at it as every down, every play. Even after making the bad plays, you always can redeem yourself. The game is not over. So that’s what you can take after that game. We redeemed ourselves, we had pride and we stuck it out and won.”

Source: Nebraska Athletics