Press conference quotes: Freedom Akinmoladun

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Oct. 30, 2017
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)
Pre Northwestern

Defensive Lineman Freedom Akinmoladun
On what it was like on the sideline
“Oh it was amazing. Going out there, stopping, letting the offense do their work and seeing all those crazy things happening at that one period of time was amazing and much respect for him for the offense and his performance at the end.”

On the Huskers’ history with Northwestern
“I don’t know, there’s two great teams. Northwestern has a really great team, they have really good offense, really good quarterback, and we just have to go out there and compete every single time and we do that and for some reason it comes out to be a very close game.”

On the challenges of Northwestern’s Justin Jackson and Clayton Thorson
“With that comes a lot of experience, knowing what to do in certain situations. You could say they have a lot of experience and are both great players. So, just going out there and competing to our best ability. Every down, every play is going to be needed. “

On the bye week’s impact on Purdue
“Yeah, there was a lot. One thing is we made sure everybody was buying into the system. You can see that from the coaches to the players, and we really just united as one. We really believed that we could go out there and compete with Purdue and that’s what we did all four quarters.”

On how the team will prepare going forward
“Well we look our mistakes that we had and then we try to improve. And then we look at the things that we did good and we try to improve on those things, too. So we are never going to try to relax on a play or a situation, we are just going to try to get better every single time.”

On if the win factors into what they did right or wrong
“Yes and no. When you win, it is always a good feeling that you won but if there are certain things in the game that you know you did not do correctly or know that you could do better, those are issues we know we have to fix.”

Source: Nebraska Athletics