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Nebraska Theme License Plates - NEBHSKR Virginia


This is my version of a Husker themed license plate. No particularly interesting story behind it other than it is VERY DIFFICULT to find a combination available here in Virginia (this state has a lot of personalized tags - they're very cheap and easy to get), so I had to try about 30 or 40 combinations until I hit on this one.

I sometimes feel like the tags put pressure on me - like an ambassador for Nebraska and the Cornhuskers. It's especially bad if I accidentally cut someone off in traffic or prevent them from getting around as fast as they want to (drivers here are very impatient), since I feel like they'll judge all Nebraskans and Cornhuskers fans based on my actions. Because of this, I try much harder now to be a conscientious driver.

The tags are on my red BMW X5, so if any other Northern Virginia 'Husker fans see me around the area, be sure to give us a wave...

Keith Upah (aka Quality Czech)


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