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Big Red at the White House

Feb. 1, 1972: Richard Nixon hosts the 1971 college football national champions

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From left: U.S. Rep. John McCollister, Rich Glover, Jeff Kinney, Bob Devaney, Jerry Tagge, Richard Nixon, Jim Anderson, Johnny Rodgers, Larry Jacobson, Willie Harper, assistant coach John Melton.
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A plaque is presented. That appears to be U.S. Rep. Charles Thone behind Nixon and Tagge.
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Melton moves in for a closer look. Now visible at far right is NU president D.B. “Woody” Varner, and in center background to the right of Thone are (we think) Sens. Carl Curtis and Roman Hruska.
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Jeff Kinney has something to say.
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All eyes are on the plaque as Jeff continues.
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With the president are Bob Devaney on the left, Rep. John McCollister on the right, and Republican national committeeman Dick Herman of Omaha (center, facing camera).

AUDIO OF THE HUSKERS’ VISIT is contained in the same trove of White House tapes that contributed to Nixon's downfall in the Watergate scandal. Recorder hum and other noise make the quality dicey, but here are a few of the clearer segments:


Presidential proclamation


Nixon on O-line play


Nixon on virtue of sports


Nixon & Devaney on next season, juco athletes


Nixon sizing up players

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