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OMAHA SUNDAY BEE | June 15, 1913, Page 3-S

    Nebraska Has Applied for Western 
        Conference Membership. 
  Leak, Stiehm Says, Only Thing that 
     Kept Cornhuskers from Getting 
         Into Big Company This 
           Spring at Madison. 
          By JAMES E. LAWRENCE. 
  LINCOLN, June 14. — (Special) — Walter 
Eckersall, famous gridiron hero of 
the University of Chicago, will officiate 
the Iowa-Nebraska foot ball game to 
be played in this city next fall, according 
to announcement made here today by 
Coach Jumbo Stiehm. 
  While in the east attending a meeting 
of those promoting the American Olympic 
games Stiehm saw Eckersall and the 
latter consented to act as an official 
the lowa-Nebraska contest. Stiehm will 
early dispose of the official problem, 
profiting by past experience that it does 
not pay to allow the matter to drag along 
until a short time before each game. 
  The lengthy mentor frankly discussed 
the report given out from Chicago that 
Nebraska had made application for membership 
in the Big Eight conference. 
  "It is true that Nebraska made application 
for membership," said Stiehm, 
"notwithstanding that a later report was 
sent out denying the first story to that 
effect. All of the colleges were pledged 
secrecy, but evidently somebody leaked 
and the story was out. 
          Leaked Too Soon. 
  "Had it not been that the members 
wanted to take the application up with 
their local boards before final action on 
the application, we would have been 
elected to membership right then. The 
members were going to vote on it at 
once, and then some one suggested that 
it had been referred back to the local 
boards to see what they thought about 
the question of expansion. 
  "Provided the members definitely decide 
upon enlarging the league, there will 
no question as to Nebraska's admission. 
The representatives at the meeting declared 
that the Cornhusker school was 
entitled to the greatest consideration in 
its application, and the only question was 
one of expansion. We did not make application 
because we feel that we have 
outgrown the Missouri Valley conference. 
Quite to the contrary, we recognize always 
formidable rivals in the Missouri 
Valley schools and our only purpose in 
applying for membership in the bigger 
league was to better ourselves. It would 
mean much to Nebraska to be a member 
of the big conference. 
  "The application was left with a committee 
including representatives from 
three schools - Illinois, Wisconsin and 
Iowa. If any school is to be admitted 
next fall, you can bet pretty safely that 
it will be Nebraska, but it is extremely 
unlikely that any action will be taken 
until then, as the term is already over." 
         Saw Fielding Yost. 
  Stiehm, while in Chicago, met "Hurry-Up" 
Yost, who formerly coached at Nebraska 
and who has mode Michigan a power 
in the western collegiate foot 
ball world. Yost declared that Michigan 
would never make application to return 
to the conference. 
  Four Cornhuskers will leave the last 
of the month to enter the Olympic games 
at Chicago. In the delegation are the 
two Reavis brothers, Dave and R. F., 
Charley Myers and "Cubb" Wiley. The 
Reavis are pole vaulters and hurdlers; 
Myers is an all around athlete with a 
formidable record as such an entry, while 
Wiley is a brood jumper of considerable 
ability. He has also hung up an excellent 
record in the high jump. These four 
will train carefully until the end of the 
month in preparation for the games. 
  Guy Reed, assistant coach at the 
university, who had also planned on 
entering the games, was forced to give it
up as he is now in the isolation hospital 
with a bad case of smallpox. It will be 
some time before Reed is released and much 
too late for him to take any part in the