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Lincoln, Neb. – The Nebraska Legislature has made a name for itself for freak legislation in the past and is keeping well enough to the front as regards outlandish measures to retain it in the present.
One of the bills most severely criticised and ridiculed is that to prevent football playing in the state.
Its introducer and supposed author is Speaker J.N. Gaffin of Saunders County. The bill not only provides fines and imprisonment for actual participation in games but makes trainers, umpires, reporters, and even spectators subject to prosecution. Further than that, law officers are empowered to arrest any person found training or engaged in practice with the intention of participating in a game.
The fate of the bill is in doubt, but when it comes up for debate an amendment is ready to be tacked on making the wearing of long hair by a college student prima facie evidence of a desire to engage in football and subjecting the wearer to imprisonment.
Chicago Daily Tribune
Feb. 21, 1897; Page 25