By Jack Mahon
Pasadena, Cal., Jan. 1 — Stanford’s mighty magicians of the gridiron twice came from behind and, with a magnificent display of the razzle-dazzle that has made them famous, won the 27th annual Rose Bowl battle by whipping Nebraska, 21-13, in a thrill-packed game before 90,000 in a beautiful stadium deep in the sun-splashed Arroyo Seco Valley here today. .The Indians, with their All-America Frankie Albert living up to every great thing said about him: with a greyhound back named Pete Kmetovic running wild spotted Nebraska a touchdown in the first three-and-a-half minutes of play, came from behind again in the second period and then knocked the Huskers flat with a dazzling running attack and brilliant defensive play to complete their season with ten straight victories. Hugh Gallarneau, another speed demon, scored twice and Kmetovic once for the Indians but the latter, and acrobatic Frankie Albert, proved the difference between two fine teams in a game that will go down with the most thrilling played in the long history of this colorful Coast classic.