Nebraska-Michigan stats matchup

Categories: 2018 Football

How do the Cornhuskers and Wolverines match up statistically entering their Sept. 22 game in Ann Arbor? Here are the numbers.

• Advantage Michigan in 27 of 35 categories
• Average FBS rank: Michigan 49, Nebraska 73

Scoring Margin-5.0098+21.3332Mich
Total Offense464.5043397.3385Neb
Total Defense324.0037276.3312Mich
Turnover Margin-2.001270.0064Mich
Time of Possession31:204530:1071Neb
Yds Per Play5.83716.7731Mich
Opp. Yds Per Play4.62344.039Mich
Pass Yds Per Att7.38738.7435Mich
Pass Completion %67.86%2570.83%13Mich
Passing TDs1.50772.3337Mich
Opp. Pass Yds Per Att6.49545.1613Mich
Opp. Pass Completion %66.20%11452.23%29Mich
Opp. Pass TDs1.50711.3357Mich
Rush Yds Per Att5.06455.1738Mich
Rush TDs1.50832.0050Mich
Opp. Rush Yds Per Att2.71143.0924Neb
Opp. Rush TDs1.50690.6720Mich
Total First Downs23.504720.3386Neb
Third Down Conv %37.93%7345.99%33Mich
Opp. Third Down Conv %32.26%4334.77%62Neb
Penalty Yds86.0012281.33118Mich
Sacks Given Up2.50952.0070Mich
Redzone Points Per Att4.131155.3658Mich
Redzone Scoring %75.00%10481.74%84Mich
Redzone TD Scoring %50.00%10672.75%41Mich
Opp. Redzone Points Per Att4.86695.0075Neb
Opp. Redzone Scoring %85.71%7283.50%66Mich
Opp. Redzone TD Scoring %57.14%6166.50%81Neb
KO Return Yds Per Att19.178331.1411Mich
Opp. KO Return Yds Per Att21.338113.9710Mich
Punt Return Yds Per Att-0.671256.0084Mich
Opp. Punt Return Yds Per Att15.001118.7781Mich
Punting Yds Per Att42.005550.063Mich
Field Goal %50.00%10567.00%73Mich
Opp. Win % (SOS)56.73%1556.82%14Mich

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