Monday Morning Quarterback: Would you most like to see the Huskers become faster, or more physical?

Category: Football

This year is one for the Huskers: you can feel it in the air. There are several areas where the team will need to show improvement from last year, but if you had to choose between physicality and speed, which one would you choose?

The Huskers were a historically physical team. Ever since the Osborne era, and even before, Nebraska football has shown the college football world what it means to be tough. Last year, according to Adam Carriker, the team was lacking in physicality. Could a shortage of “umph” at the line of scrimmage or on defense be the true culprit behind the losses of last season?

In this era of college football, speed is changing everything. Offenses have to be especially fast, agile and explosive to win games. Scott Frost has arguably done a solid job of keeping the team speedy enough to compete with top teams. Is there still need for improvement? Maybe a faster team would have won more games last year…

What do you think? The Huskers will need to be fast and physical this season, and it’s certainly possible that the two are not mutually exclusive. Which area do you most want to see improvement in?