Monday Morning Quarterback: Who would you rather see join the Big Ten – Oklahoma or Texas?

Category: Football

It seems like every few months there are reports of various schools that may be looking at moving to the Big Ten. Some of the schools mentioned include Notre Dame, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Expiring TV contracts and new viewing/streaming platforms are disrupting viewing habits. The major conferences know that growth and change are the defense against the type of changes that have reduced the brand of the once mighty Big 12.

Men’s basketball will be part of the equation, although it is college football that drives and delivers the profits for schools and their conferences. Oklahoma and Texas are two big dogs in revenue – both are in the top 10 of football revenue schools, with Texas at #1. The football fit is there with the Big Ten, as well as with both teams’ strong men’s basketball programs.

Would you rather see Oklahoma or Texas join the Big Ten?