Monday Morning Quarterback: Which game would you rather see the Huskers win — Ohio State or Iowa?

Category: Football

The 2019 season is upon us and excitement surrounding this year’s team multiplies every day. With a stellar quarterback in Adrian Martinez, several returning starters, and a strong sense of urgency to fix mistakes from last year, the Huskers have the tools for some big wins.

Speaking of big wins, Scott Frost and the team have a long list of big games that will likely determine where we end up in the postseason. Two of the most important matches that come to mind are against Ohio State and Iowa.

The Buckeyes are undoubtedly a tough opponent, but this year they might be vulnerable. The Huskers get to play this one at home, don’t have to face Dwayne Haskins, and have an appetite for revenge after a loss last year.

On paper, Iowa will be an easier opponent than the Buckeyes — even if ESPN only predicts a 51.4% chance of a Husker win here. The Huskers will need to knock off Iowa to have a chance at the Big Ten West title.