Monday Morning Quarterback: Was Bill Moos right to call out Tommie Frazier’s tweet?

Categories: 2019 Football

Husker great Tommie Frazier dropped a bomb of a tweet the day after Nebraska’s heartbreaking 27-24 loss to Iowa in Lincoln shut the door on the 2019 season.

The tweet lit up the Husker Twitterverse and message boards in the aftermath of the loss. A lot of the comments were around who Frazier was referring to in the tweet, in addition to whether he was correct or not.

By late last week the brouhaha around all the various angles of Frazier’s tweet had pretty much died down. Then this past Saturday, in an interview with the Lincoln Journal Star, Athletic Director Bill Moos brought up the Frazier tweet and specifically called out Frazier, saying:

“… I would say, ‘Hey, Tommie, you had the luxury of stepping into a program that was storied and had a powerful brand when you got there, with some of the greatest coaches ever to coach the game, All-American players and everything else. So be careful about what you’re saying because you never had to help build one from the ground up.’ ”

As reported by the Journal Star, Moos went on to say he won’t be “really judgmental” about Frost’s program until “we’re well into our third, fourth and maybe even fifth year of recruiting players.”

Pretty direct words in responding to the Husker great, who for sure doesn’t get a pass, but has been there and done it. The question, do you think Moos was correct to bring this back up and call out Frazier, or is this something that concerns you about the current Husker leadership?