Monday Morning Quarterback: Should the Huskers try to put together games outside the Big Ten?

Category: Football

As of this writing, it appears the Big Ten season as announced last week is not going to happen. Reports are that Nebraska and Iowa were the only two Big Ten schools whose presidents did not vote to end the season, although there are also reports that no official vote has taken place. So … clear as mud.

The Big Ten and the four other Power Five conferences – SEC, Big 12, Pac-12, and ACC – have not announced any decisions regarding the coming season. According to USA Today and other outlets, it is expected that the Pac-12 and the Big Ten will cancel the season. Dan Patrick is also reporting that the Big 12 and ACC are “on the fence” regarding the 2020 season.

Some major Big Ten coaches – Ryan Day of Ohio State, James Franklin of Penn State and Jim Harbaugh of Michigan – have tweeted their support today for playing the 2020 season. The SEC is supposed to be meeting this evening to discuss their plans for the 2020 season and announce their revised fall schedule after that meeting.

A scenario that is being discussed is an ad-hoc season, where selected teams that opt in to playing put together some type of limited schedule that would include inter-conference games. So, say the Huskers choose to play this fall, then they, and presumably Iowa, could look to schedule games with teams from the SEC or the Big 12. This scenario leans on the Huskers scheduling a limited number of fall games with teams in the geographic area – Mizzou, KU, Oklahoma, Iowa, etc. – as a way to have a more closely controlled season.

What do you think – if the Big Ten cancels the fall 2020 season, should the Huskers look to put together some type of inter-conference schedule of games?