Monday Morning Quarterback: Should the college football season be moved to the spring?

Category: Football

More and more discussions are taking place around pushing the college football season to spring 2021. The significant headwinds and shrinking amount of time to get the NCAA ducks in a row for a fall season are making it tough on the schools.

With both the planned NBA and MLB seasons currently on shaky ground, the 2020 fall college football season is in an even more complicated situation. At least the pros have the centralized command and control, and the dollars, so they may actually be able to pull it off.

Only eight weeks out from the planned Aug. 29 college season start, it is challenging to ramp something up that has been stopped in its tracks, even in the best of scenarios. But in an environment of rising infections in more than 60% of the states, and no clear national plan forward, it is going to be difficult at best for the conferences.

Those with college-age children know that, as of today, few schools have committed to having classes in the fall of 2020. The rest of us basically have no idea what is going on. The current situation places the conferences, coaches and teams in the difficult position of having to develop the policies and practices that it seems the school administrators are paid to do.

It seems like we may be asking too much of our schools and teams to pull all this off in the current environment and time frame. What do you think, is a spring college football season the way forward this year?