Monday Morning Quarterback: Should the Big Ten change the current East and West Divisions?

Categories: Football SquareOffs

The Big Ten East has won all of the conference football championships since the East/West format was set up in 2014. Many say the balance of power is tilted toward the East, even with Maryland and Rutgers helping to balance out Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan and Michigan State.

Some believe the current East/West imbalance makes it more difficult for Big Ten teams to get into the College Football Playoff and keeps the conference from competing more effectively with the SEC for time and attention. Even the wide geographic spread of the conference has been called into question.

Suggestions include moving some schools to different divisions, getting rid of the East/West setup altogether, and even removing some schools from the conference. Others believe the Big Ten is just experiencing the normal ups and downs of a conference, and that the resurgence of the Huskers and others will balance out the conference in due time.

Do you think the Big Ten should make changes to improve the conference and Big Ten football?