Monday Morning Quarterback: Should McCaffrey have stayed in the Iowa game?

Categories: 2019 Football

Brutal loss in Lincoln on Friday. The defense was doing its job and keeping a Top 20 team out of the endzone for all of the second half after giving up some early scores. But until 8:00 to go in the 3rd, the Husker offense had put just 3 points on the board.

Cam Taylor’s acrobatic pick six in the second quarter was the team’s only touchdown in the first half. While Dedrick Mills gained 94 yards on 24 carries, Adrian Martinez carried 21 times for 44 yards, and ended the game having completed 10 passes for only 50 yards. Then Memorial Stadium was lit up in the 3rd when Luke McCaffrey, rolling to his left and throwing across body with a perfect pass, hit JD Spielman in stride for a 39-yard touchdown.



While Nebraska had another scoring drive late in the 3rd, they did not score enough points to help their defense and win the game. Should Coach Frost have kept McCaffrey in the game, shaking things up and potentially putting more points on the board?