Monday Morning Quarterback: How do you grade the Big Ten’s handling of the impact of COVID-19?

Category: Football

It’s hard to describe the impact COVID-19 is having on college sports. The calculations are already immense and will continue to grow. It has been the epitome of a fluid situation since the start.

It started with almost startling speed with first the decision to not have any attendance at March Madness, then days later the decision to cancel the tournament. From that point forward, the college sports conversation has been about what would happen with football.

Football is a different beast since the NCAA has little to no control over college football, and does not run the postseason playoff. The conferences run the show for the most part. We have a situation now where the NCAA is at odds with the three remaining major conferences planning to play – the SEC, ACC and Big 12.

For the Big Ten, lots of grumbling and second-guessing are going on, which is to be expected on something of this magnitude. There are questions about how the decision to cancel was approved. The amount of whiplashing, from announcing new schedules to canceling seasons within a week, has been challenging for players, coaches and fans.

What do you think – how do you grade the Big Ten’s handling of the 2020 season and COVID-19?