Monday Morning Quarterback: Does the Scott Frost training video tweet disrespect Navy SEALs?

Category: Football

There is an internet kerfuffle brewing about a training video that Scott Frost tweeted last week. The video shows Nebraska football players going though military-type workouts on the beach and in the water, with voiceover about not cutting corners. Evidently, the video (link below) in part was the idea of Damian Jackson, Husker walk on and former Navy SEAL.

A well-known blogger, and rabid Wisconsin fan, has called out the video for wrongly associating the Huskers season prep with the SEALs and their proud tradition. His exact words are that “If this isn’t a slap in the face, I don’t know what is.” and that “our great Navy SEALS… have been disrespected by the video.

So, is this a case of of Coach Frost and team showing great preparation, hype, and excitement about the coming 2019 season, in a respectful way for the Husker Nation? Or is this video a line that the coach shouldn’t have crossed to associate with the training regiment of Navy SEALS?