Monday Morning Quarterback: Do you think the Huskers get to a bowl game this year?

Category: Football

It sure didn’t look like it was going to happen, but the Huskers came away with the win this weekend. For sure any win is a good win. Especially when its done with the starting quarterback getting injured, and the top veteran receiver on the sidelines along with one of the best defensive linemen on the sidelines.

So, here we are – halfway through the season with the Huskers at 4-2. While a bit of a comedown from the preseason hype, the Huskers are a far cry from last year’s 0-6. In most cases, with some exceptions, a team has to have 6 wins to get a bowl game invite.

With a couple gutsy wins, the Huskers have put themselves in a good situation to go to their first bowl since 2016. But it won’t be easy. They will for sure need to win two of their next six – most likely candidates for those wins are Indiana, Purdue and Maryland. But they won’t be cakewalks. A loss in any two of those means the Huskers would need to beat Minnesota, Wisconsin or Iowa to get the six wins.

Last year, the team really turned it around after that overtime loss at Northwestern. Going 4-2 from here out would put Nebraska in a position for one of the better bowls. But baby steps here: Let’s just get to a bowl and build on that. Do you think the Huskers get the six wins they need to get an invite?