Monday Morning Quarterback: Do the Huskers bounce back and make a game of it against Iowa this week?

Category: Football

What a punch to the gut this past weekend in Lincoln. Coming off the first win of the season, going in 15-point favorites, and then getting blown out and embarrassed at home. Basically, every position group on the team, except maybe special teams, looked worse than they did against Penn State. There is no joy in Mudville.

Five turnovers – and there could have been more. Seven penalties, with a couple of them being real momentum killers. An almost total inability to throw the ball downfield, thereby allowing Illinois to jam the Husker line and pressure the run and the QB. The defense gave up nearly 500 yards, with almost 300 rushing yards, and Illinois converted 11 of their 17 third downs.

The infuriating thing is the game wasn’t hopeless – the Huskers got just as many first downs, almost 400 yards of offense, and the defense played better in the second half. But to come out in this game at home and just stink up the joint in the first half – what the heck is that about?

We have all heard the talk about sloppy practices the past week. Whether or not that is fully true, it sure looked like that. The Huskers did not come out of the tunnel and start the game looking to put Illinois in their place. And if that is the case, that is on the head coach and his staff.

Iowa is going to be a very tough game – they would like nothing better than to embarrass the Huskers. Nebraska needs to at the least play well and stay in the game. What do you think, do the Huskers bounce back with grit and fight this weekend and make it a game against Iowa?