Monday Morning Quarterback: Best Quarterback From the 80’s – Steve Taylor or Turner Gill?

Category: Football

The Huskers have had some great quarterbacks. From legendary Tommie Frazier to exciting Adrian Martinez, there is no shortage of options to consider when we talk about the best of all time. But if we focus in on the Tom Osborne 1980s, who is the best quarterback of the decade?

Steve Taylor is certainly a top candidate. During his time under center, Taylor put up impressive numbers and earned two All-Big Eight selections leading the team to a 31-6 record during his time as QB.

Another star quarterback to think about is Turner Gill. As the leader of an explosive offense, Turner Gill helped his team win 33 games and threw for well over 3,000 yards while leading the team to three straight Big 8 championships.

So, keeping in mind stats, strength of schedule, wins, bowl games and any other relevant factors, which Husker quarterback do you think gets top honors for the 1980s Huskers?