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October 12, 2010
Bo Pelini is downplaying any kind of revenge factor to motivate his team this Saturday when Nebraska hosts the Texas Longhorns in Lincoln.
And that would explain why Husker players since fall camp have been wearing wristbands with "0:01" written on them... The reference, of course, is for the one second that was "added" to the game clock that allowed the favored Longhorns to kick a field goal as time expired to beat the Huskers in last year's Big 12 championship game.
I've argued that if the Huskers were looking for someone to blame for that loss, they should look in the nearest mirror. It was Husker errors, not bad officiating, that caused the Huskers to lose the game. The mistakes Nebraska made on Texas' last drive in the game allowed the Longhorns to escape with a win.
Revenge can be a great motivator, but redemption might be what the Huskers are using this year. And there is a difference between the two words. Revenge is getting even with an opponent and redemption is restoring one's own reputation.
And Nebraska's reputation against "marquee" teams hasn't been good lately, including narrow losses last year to Texas and Virginia Tech and to Texas Tech the year before.
The fact that Texas will come into the game unranked for the first time since 1999 will not lessen the intensity for this game.
Of course the Huskers want to win the game – they'd like nothing better than to give the burnt orange a big 'ol can of asswhup. But in his third year as the head coach at Nebraska, Bo has tried to instill in his players the desire to play at a top level, regardless of the competition – the SDSU game notwithstanding. We'll find out Saturday how well the students have studied.
There has been a lot of talk this week about how Texas' defense will be the best Nebraska has faced all season, but here is another undeniable truth: The Blackshirts will be the best defense Texas will see all year. Others have said that it will be very difficult for Taylor Martinez & Co. to score a lot of points on the Longhorn defense.
There may be some truth to that, but we can't forget that TM & Co. go up against the Blackshirts every day in practice. (How's that for a sparring partner?)
Texas' offense plays to the strength of the Blackshirts. The 'Horns rush for a tepid 130 yards a game. And to compound problems, their quarterback, Garret Gilbert is not very mobile and their offensive line is suspect. The 'Horns are averaging only 360 yards of total offense a game. Against the Blackshirts, points are going to be very hard to get.
Not to put too much pressure on the Husker football team, but the last (and only) time the Cornhuskers have beaten the Longhorns in Lincoln, Nebraska was (are you ready for this?) 77 years ago. Dana X. Bible's team opened the 1933 season with a 26-0 win over Texas. There have been too many heartbreaking Husker losses in this series, but wouldn't it be a great time to send Texas back to Austin with a big 'ol L?
Dear Husker Dan:
Once again the Cornhusker Hotel, Skeeter Barns, Runza Hut, the Kincaid Coach lines that carried the Husker fans to and from the stadium or the Wounded Warriors to and from Ft. Riley, Larry the Cable Guy, the Husker Elvises, Anthony Steele, Coach Ron Brown, and Tyrone Fahie as well as the entire Nebraska Football team and all the volunteers associated with Husker Dan's Army that made the 3rd Annual Salute To The Troops happen, outdid themselves again!

Again it was just as awesome and amazing as the first two, and I am so thankful for all the people that make this happen each year. Its nice to see some of the same faces each year, and some of those familiar faces becoming more and more involved and getting their troopers involved. Having the Berkshire family in attendance this year was very touching, and shows you how Nebraska football touches people from all walks of life, young or old. All in attendance have two things in common, service to our country and a love for Husker football!

So again, Husker Dan thanks goes out to you and all the volunteers that make this happen each year. And thank you to all those who get packages out to the troops serving overseas. Those packages are a touch of home for soldiers, and it means so much to them, I hope that we can keep those coming.

You and your entire staff of volunteers are angels in disguise

Rose Johns

Dear Husker Dan:
I grew up and in Nebraska, have been as avid a husker fan as ever lived, and I've been in the Army my entire adult life. This year, I finally have a chance to get my kids to their first Husker game on Thanksgiving weekend. We've got our airline tickets, our game tickets (Colorado/Nebraska) and we're ready to go. I want to get my family the full experience, but haven't been to Lincoln in years. Is there a site I can go to help plan my day for them? I'd love to show them some of the facilities etc., but don't really know where to start. I'm sure you're busy, but if you could toss a link or two back my way, I'd be appreciative. Thanks very much!
Jim Stanford
Here's your chance for you to help a rabid Husker fan and his family to maximize their visit to Game Day in Lincoln, Nebraska. Send me your suggestions (huskerdan@cox.net,) and I'll post the best ones in my column. Thanks.
Husker fans, here's a chance for you to own a piece of Husker football history. This Husker football was signed by quarterback Jerry Tagge, Heisman winner, Johnny "The Jet" Rodgers, Jeff Kinney, Dan Schneiss, Van Brownson, Dick Ruppert, Joe Blahak, Wally Winter, Jerry Murtaugh, Mike Beran and many others including former Husker linebacker coach John Melton. These players and coaches brought Nebraska its first national championship 40 years ago. This classic Husker football will be auctioned to the highest bidder on eBay. To place a bid, go here or click on the picture. The money will be used to support our annual "Husker Fans' Salute To The Troops" event (www.huskersalute.org) that will be held next fall in Lincoln.

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Each week this season, former Husker quarterback, Garth Glissman, "The Pride of Waverly, Nebraska," will offer his expert analysis of each Husker football game. Garth, who is an attorney at Kutak Rock in Omaha, is also active in sports radio in the Omaha/Lincoln area.
Here is Garth's take on this week's Nebraska/Texas match-up.
Time breeds perspective. After nearly a decade of adversity, Nebraskans have a renewed appreciation for the Huskers 5-0 start and Top 5 national ranking. Texas arrives in Lincoln a disappointing 3-2, but still provides Nebraska's toughest challenge to date. Too much talent on Texas' roster not to take them seriously.
Texas' overall athleticism and team speed, as well as their familiarity with the zone-read QB run game (after years of running it with Vince Young and Colt McCoy), will make things difficult for Taylor Martinez early on. Expect Texas's defense to (1) play assignment football versus Nebraska's QB run game, staying home on the backside of the play rather than getting sucked in on the hand-off portion of the zone read, (2) play zone coverages with their linebackers and secondary which has the dual impact of (a) more effectively spying Martinez on design QB runs and scrambles and (b) forcing Martinez to read the coverage and then make accurate throws into "windows" in the zone defense, and (3) be extremely physical with Martinez whenever he runs the ball. Fortunately for Nebraska, Texas will have trouble moving the ball versus Coach Pelini's stingy defense. Garrett Gilbert is still young and relatively immobile. Pelini will give him fits with different coverages and exotic blitz packages. Not to mention, Prince Amukumara and Alfonzo Dennard should take away Texas' primary perimeter receivers. In the meantime, Nebraska's offense has too much big play ability to keep quiet for long. Things will be interesting early, but Nebraska's offense will make more than enough big plays to win.
Huskers 31, Texas 17.


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