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March 4, 2010
Dear Readers:
Yesterday, I learned of the dismissal of David Max from Huskerpedia.com, the web site he and Joe Hudson created and have nurtured for the past ten years. Through their hard work and determination, Husker fans all over the globe have had a free 24/7 connection to all the latest news regarding the world of Husker athletics.
This fall would have marked my eighth year that my Husker Dan columns have appeared on Huskerpedia. But I will no longer contribute to that site. In fact, I have instructed the owners of Huskerpedia to immediately remove all my archived columns form their web site.
From now on, my Husker Dan columns will appear on www.HuskerMax.com which will be run by David Max and Joe Hudson. Without their help, Husker Dan's Army and our annual "Husker Fans' Salute To The Troops" event would never have been possible. I ask each of you to tell as many friends as you can to go to www.HuskerMax.com for all the latest on Husker sports. And if you know of any advertisers who would like to support HuskerMax, please direct them to David Max.
Husker Dan
Dear Husker Dan:
How long to you think Tom Osborne will remain as the Athletic Director at Nebraska and who do you think might take his place?
The Kratz Family
(Demi, Dixie and Arista)
Anaheim, CA
It all depends on the timing. There are at least two possible scenarios.
1.) First of all, I think Tom Osborne is enjoying himself in his role as the Husker A.D. It's hard to imagine he would be leaving any time soon. But if he were to step down in the next year or two, his successor would likely be Paul Meyers who currently serves as Associate A.D. for Athletic Development. Paul is one of the best liked and most respected people in the athletic department. His current responsibilities include fund raising and is therefor, very close to all the major donors. Paul would be a great choice.
2.) But if Osborne remains as the Husker A.D. for another five years or more, things could get a bit more interesting. Let's say that next year, Paul Myers is lured away by another major university to be its A.D. And a couple of years later, Tom Osborne decides to hang it up.
UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman (or whoever the chancellor is at that time) wouldn't have far to go to find Osborne's replacement. In a few years, UNO A.D. Trev Aberts (and former Husker All American) will likely have done all he can to take the Maverick athletics to unparalleled heights. It is very possible that within the next few years, the Mavs will have won a national championship in hockey. It's also very possible that Trev will have overseen the building of a brand new Maverick hockey arena. Mission accomplished.
As the Husker A.D. Trev Alberts would bring immediate national recognition and credibility to the athletic program. Trev is a disciple of Tom Osborne and is one of the most revered players in the history of Husker football.
It would be a dream job for both Trev Alberts and the University of Nebraska.
Husker Dan:
Who do you think will be the starting quarterback this fall?
Ann Tahlope
Ft. Collins, CO
Going in to spring practice this year, there is no clear choice at quarterback. Many believe the starting job is Cody Green's to lose. And because senior starter, Zac Lee will be sidelined until this summer due to off season surgery, Green is expected to have the best shot at becoming the starter in the fall. If Cody doesn't win the gig this year, the competition isn't going to get any easier next year when he'll be competing with highly touted Brion Carnes and Jamal Turner.
Some questions to consider: How will Zac Lee and Kody Spano come back from their respective injuries? And what about former linebacker turned quarterback Latravis Washington? How about "athlete" Taylor Martinez, scout team star, Ron Kellogg, Jr. and freshman Brion Carnes?
It's really hard to say because we've seen so little of the players behind Green and Lee. But if I had to pick the pecking order this fall, it would be: 1.) Cody Green 2.) Zac Lee 3.) Taylor Martinez. Carnes will redshirt (he needs to put on about 20 pounds), Spano may have to seek another position and Washington will go back to being a linebacker. Kellogg could be a dark horse this fall.
By this summer, the picture will be a lot clearer.
Husker Dan:
My company is having its annual picnic this summer and would like to have one of the former Husker football players speak at the event. How do I go about doing that?
Kaye Effsea
Your best bet is to contact Gerry Gray at Great Plains Marketing in Omaha. He has worked with a great many former Husker greats. He can be reached at (402) 393-0492 or go to his web site at: www.greatplainsmktg.com. Tell him Groucho sent you.
I don't want to jinx Connie Yori's Husker Women's basketball team, but their performance so far this year has been amazing. One thing I've notice in watching them play is, they play without regard for the scoreboard. They play with the same intensity regardless if they're behind (something that rarely happens) or if they're ahead by 30 points. Relentless might be a good word to describe them.
Until Doc Sadler gets better players, it's going to be very difficult for Nebraska men's basketball to compete in the Big 12 Conference. I know, the Husker basketball facilities rank near the bottom of the conference, but what the doctor has ordered is better talent. End of story.
It's funny how the public treats entertainment stars. (And make no mistake, sports is entertainment.) If Tiger Woods had been a movie star or a recording sensation, no one outside of his own family would give a rip about his indiscretions. In fact, his stock would likely rise. I'm certainly not condoning Woods' behavior, but he doesn't owe me or anyone else an apology except his family.
It seems each year you hear someone complain that there are too many bowl games. Huh? That's an oxymoron. Excuse me, but I love bowl games. I don't even care if it's Southwest Baptist Lawn and Garden versus Northeast Central Texas A&M at El Paso State, I'll watch it. I know, I need to get a life.
The only thing I'd change is that teams would at least have to have a winning record to become bowl eligible.
Congratulations to Curt Tomasevicz and the rest of the members of the US Men's four man bob sled team for winning the gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C. last week. Curt, from Shelby, Nebraska, played linebacker and fullback for the Huskers, lettering in 2003.
Some of the skating events are nice to watch, but it's hard for me to embrace any sport that plays accordion music and invites people to clap on one and three. Sigh...
Last week, I wrote about an event that enables Husker fans to go phesant hunting with about 18 former Husker football greats. Gerry Gray just informed me that there are still a couple of slots open for the event that takes place Saturday, March 20th in Brainard, Nebraska. (Brainard is just about 50 miles west of Omaha.) For more information, call Gerry Gray at (402) 393-0492 or go to his web site at www.greatplainsmktg.com.

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