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Okay, so Bo says he is pleased with the progress of the 3-0 Huskers after Saturday night's thrashing of an under-manned New Mexico State team that was playing its first game of the season.

"I like the attitude and focus of this team," Bo said after the game. If Bo likes his team's development, so should Husker fans. Remember, Bo Knows. End of story.
To be sure, Husker fans need to realize that Bo Pelini and his staff inherited a 5-7 football team that was in disarray-one that had no leadership, no direction and no focus. Bo is trying to do a 180 by getting his players to understand what it takes to play championship football. Despite his team's sometimes erratic play, Bo has remained positive. He understands that his kids have been trying to get used to new terminology, new schemes, a revamped coaching staff and an entire new attitude. He also knows that making wholesale changes to this year's Husker team may be daunting at times. (The next three games will tell very clearly how much progress the Huskers have actually made.)

Be patient, Bo says. Remember, the baby walks before he runs.
Right now, attention should be on the excellent job Bo and his coaching staff have done. We are seeing right before our eyes how Bo is retooling a team that just 10 months ago, was on the ropes. Handle things wrong, and you lose the team. Do things Bo's way, and you'll find success.

Bo's way hasn't changed since he returned to Lincoln as the Husker head football coach:
1.) Forget about last year.
2.) Teach the kids the right way to do things.
3.) Motivate the players
4.) Encourage them to be all they can be.
5.) And most of all, be patient.

This season could turn out to be Bo's best coaching effort, even if he stays at Nebraska for many years.
And when it comes to patience, Husker fans are going to have to buy into the idea as well. (I know in Nebraska, "Husker fans" and "patience" are mutually exclusive terms.) I have little doubt that Bo & Company will get the maximum effort out of this year's football team. The question is, will the results be enough to please Husker fans?
Last Saturday started with a family hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. The rains that hit Ft. Collins the night before produced snow at the higher elevations, giving the Rockies a beautiful fresh dusting of powder. The morning was crisp and clear. The mountains and the early fall colors made for a spectacular adventure. We were also entertained by close to a dozen or so elk cows who were being serenaded by a couple of rival bull elks. We were no more than 10-20 yards from the action.
After our hike, Mrs. Husker Dan and I decided to do some shop-lifting, er, shopping in beautiful downtown Estes Park, Colorado. The place was jammed with people who came up for the breath-taking scenery and an arts and craft show. We stopped by Big Red of the Rockies, a Husker apparel store located deep behind enemy lines. The store's owners are Bill Kosch (who has two national championship rings at Nebraska ('70 and '71) and his son, Jesse, who was a punter on the Huskers' national championship teams of '94, '95 and '97. Together, they represent the only father and son team to have played on all five Husker national championship teams.

Jesse and his father, who used to come to Estes Park on family vacations, bought the business several years ago. And from the looks of the all the people in his store Saturday, he'll likely be there for a many years.
For the second week in a row, I got to attend the Husker Watch Party sponsored by the Coloradans For Nebraska. I sat with Larry Brew who doubles as one of the Husker Elvises when he's not working his day gig in the Ft. Collins area. I had a blast visiting with the many Husker fans who came out to cheer for the Huskers. If you live in or around Ft. Collins, you need to experience a Husker Game Day at Jackson's.
Vets from any war, from any branch of service and their families are invited to attend the "Husker Fans' Salute To The Troops" weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska November 1st and 2nd. There are 100 rooms that have been reserved for troopers and their families at the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel in downtown Lincoln. There will be a special tour of Memorial Stadium and the new Husker athletic facilities. They also will be treated to a special Tunnel Walk experience. Vets and their families will be taken to and from the Stadium via chartered buses. There will be a Husker Football Watch party (Huskers-Sooners) also at the Cornhusker Hotel. Vets and their families are invited to attend the weekend celebration. There will be a brunch Sunday, the 2nd at 1:00 p.m., complete with a color guard ceremony and a presentation of awards. Former Husker players and coaches are also invited.

We still need donors to help with expenses. If the rooms are not filled, we will lose them. Vets need to get their reservations as soon as possible. For more information, go to www.huskersalute.org. This is a great opportunity for Husker fans to show their appreciation for the sacrifices these brave men and women have made for our country.
Thanks to all of you who have submitted nicknames for Husker players. I'm going to extend this request for a week or two more. Here are some examples:
Roy "Say Bye-Bye" Helu, Jr.
Phillip "Don't Call Me Phyllis" Dillard (Okay, so you have to be long of tooth to get this one.)
Matt "Cut Off Your" Slauson (same with this one)
Adi "The Hottie" Kunalic
Marlon "I.M." Lucky
Major "Pain" Culbert
Larry "The Assassin" Asante
You get the picture.

Send your nicknames to .[email protected].  For past Husker Dan columns, click here.