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You know it was a wacky Husker game when:
1.) A Husker place kicker (Adi "The Hottie" Kunalic) got a standing ovation for making a 46 yard field goal.
2.) Adi "By Gotti" rocketed 6 kickoffs into the end zone.
3.) The Huskers amassed 625 yards of total offense including 413 rushing yards.
4.) The Huskers ran 96 plays and owned an astonishing 20 minute advantage in T.O.P.
5.) The Huskers scored 24 third quarter points.
6.) Marlon Lucky rushed for 233 yards.
7.) The Blackshirts didn't allow a touchdown.
The only blemish on an otherwise perfect afternoon of Husker football Saturday afternoon was the Tunnel Walk screw up and Sam "I am" Keller's errant pass that was tipped and returned for Nevada's only TD of the game.
Who were these guys, Saturday? Last year, Husker household names included players like Zac Taylor, Brandon Jackson, Mo Purify, Hunter Teafatiller, Dane Todd, Adam Carriker, Jay Moore, Ola Dagundaro, Jordan Congdon and Barry Cryer. How could the Huskers lose so many good players and yet look so much better than last year? (I know, Mo and Hunter were serving one game suspensions.)
And now you know why Sam Keller came to Nebraska. The dude knew that in his final year as a college quarterback, he was going work behind a great offensive line-one that would have a lot of talent and depth. And it didn't hurt that the Huskers also were going to have a very good crop of receivers.

With so much talk about Sam, the day really wasn't all about him. To be sure, Slammin' Sammy looked good-very good. His passes (save a couple) were right on target. (It was painful to see several of his pin-point passes dropped by Frantz and Nunn, including a perfect TD strike dropped by fullback Thomas Lawson.)
Sam is the Real Deal, but the Huskers don't need him to be a Heisman type player every game or every play. He needs to let the game come to him and make sure his teammates get involved in the offense. There will be times in which Keller is going to be called upon to be heroic, but Sam is fortunate that he has a pretty good supporting cast to complement his skills.

If the Huskers can run effectively this fall, they should be in every game. If they can't, well, Bill Callahan might have to wait another year to get his first signature win at Nebraska.

It was good seeing Marlon patiently read his blocks and then accelerate down field. That's the best I've seen ML run since he's been at Nebraska. As good as Marlon Lucky, "Don't Call Me San" Quentin Castille, and Major Culbert were Saturday, it was the O-line that knocked the Nevada defense into the middle of next week. It was shades of TO and the option game. The O-line kept pounding and pounding on the Wolf Pack and by the middle of the second quarter, it was no contest. Game over.
Why in the name of Bob Devaney did the network think it had to bring in Ron Jaworski during the 4th quarter of the broadcast? Who the bleep cares about a dog killer? It was incredibly rude to blab on while the likes of Joe Ganz, Major Culbert and Cody Glenn were running up and down the field for the Huskers. Absolutely dreadful.

And speaking of dreadful, why does ABC think it has to have a cutesy cheerleader to introduce the Nevada Wolf Pack starting line ups? It was dippy.

And, as a long time admirer of former Nebraska head football coach Tom Osborne, I cringed watching Coach read the Husker starting lineups. It seemed as though he was a POW forced at gunpoint to read something that he didn't believe. Again, dreadful. Please oh please, let the professionals do the line-ups.

And with the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney, listening to Rece Davis and Lou Holtz over the weekend (and every weekend) is excruciatingly painful. Thank goodness for the Mute button.
There were many (including mois) who before the season believed the Huskers' road game at Wake Forest was going to be a really tough game for Nebraska. Some even predicted a Husker loss. And who can blame them? The Husker record in road games against good opponets isn't exactly stellar.

But I'm going with the Huskers this week (big surprise!). If the Huskers can keep from thinking about the Huskers home game the following week with the you-know-who, you-know-whats, then I think Nebraska should have its way with the Freakin' Deacons.

I don't think it'll matter which QB plays for Wake Forest this Saturday. The Huskers have way too much talent and depth. The game will be close with the Men in Red pulling away in the second half. If I were a betting man (which I am not) I would take the Huskers and the points.

Not even the memory and inspiration of Brian Piccolo (my son is named after him) will save Wake Forest this week. This Saturday at Groves Stadium, the Husker faithful will be in greater numbers than many have predicited. Huskers will be-devil the Demon Deacons.

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