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Dear Readers: The following are some responses to an earlier Husker Dan column that began with a letter from Sgt. Josh Howard, a UNL student serving his country in Iraq. Sgt. Howard requested DVDs of this coming Husker football season.
(This is an email sent to Sgt. Howard and copied to me.)
Dear Sgt. Howard:
Expect a file of each radio broadcast the Sunday after the game. You can then attach it and send it to all of the other brave Huskers serving with you. Then when all of you come home, we'll have heroes in all manner of uniform to honor and celebrate at Memorial Stadium. God be with you!
Jim Rose
"Voice of the Huskers"
Dear Jim:
What a great way to support the brave men and women who are serving in the military!
Husker Dan
(This is a letter sent to me from a long time HD reader.)
Hi Husker Dan:
I would like to write a check for $100.00 to be used for these brave men. Who do I make it out to and where should I send it? It can be used for whatever you think is best, that they would like the most. Just let met know.
A Californian for Nebraska.
From Lincoln, Nebraska to Lincoln, California
Betty W.
Dear Betty:
First of all, thanks for your willingness to help our soldiers in Iraq. A couple of years ago when this column first got involved with helping our service personnel in Iraq, the Northeast Kansans for Nebraska were the first to respond. I know they operate on a limited budget, so I suggest you send your check to them. They'll put it to good use! Thanks for your kindness!
Here's their web site and address:
Bob Elliott
Northeast Kansans For Nebraska
3405 Atwood
Topeka, Kansas 66614-3561
(Here's a letter Sgt. Josh Howard sent to Gary McGirr, with the neks4nebraska.)
Hey Gary
I have been thinking about something and I thought I would write you for your opinion on it cause you might know someone who could help me make it happen. I am sure you know what the 308th Transportation Company has been going through in the past month and a half with the loss of Specialist Benjamin Slaven. It has been hard but he has also been such a source of strength for us as well. He is viewed so strongly that we honor him with a Superman symbol, he is our man of steel. I want to let the whole state of Nebraska know about his sacrifice and the sacrifice of his family. I was thinking that it would be really great if it were possible to dedicate the national anthem to him before one of our home games this year. He is our hero and I would like to spread our pride in him to the whole state of Nebraska. They should know his story, that he was a true American, and a true Nebraskan. Thanks for your time and let me know what you think.
Sgt. Joshua R. Howard
(Here is an email Josh sent to Gary McGirr in response to Gary's request for photos of his company and their new Husker flag.)
Hey Gary:
I am currently trying to get the picture with the flag coordinated. The problem is that most of my company is always on the road so I have been waiting to get enough people in side the wire to take it. I am gonna do what I can. I might only have like 30-50 people in side of the pic due to our mission. I will get to asap. Hope things are going well for you back in the good old US of A. I am excited for the upcoming season. We need a little Husker Power around here. Thanks
Sgt. Joshua Howard
(These pictures are of Sgt. Josh Howard and his the 308th Transportation unit. Click on the image for a larger picture)

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