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Dear Readers: I received the following letter earlier this year from Sgt. Josh Howard, who is a US soldier erving in Iraq. I forwarded his letter to Gary McGirr, who is with the Northeast Kansans For Nebraska organization in Topeka, Kansas. If you will recall, it was Gary and the NEK4N who were very helpful a couple of years ago in arranging DVDs, clothing and Husker memorabilia to be sent to other soldiers serving in Iraq.

NEK4N sent some DVDs of the 2005 season to Josh. Gary also contacted Bill Callahan's Administrative Assistant about sending Josh some DVDs of the upcoming Husker football season. She forwarded Gary's email to Shot Kleen of Huskervision.

Sgt. Howard wrote Gary another email, asking if Gary could send a Husker flag to him and his company in Iraq. Gary then contacted Steve Clark, owner of The Red Zone in Omaha. Gary sent not only a flag to Sgt. Howard, but a Husker football as well.

This proves again what great people Husker football fans are and how the University is committed to helping our men and women in the military.
Greetings Husker Dan:

My name is Sgt. Joshua R Howard, I am a sophomore at UNL. I am also currently serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am serving with the 308th Transportation Company. I have read what you have done for soldiers previously here in Iraq. I am in a tough situation and I was wondering if you might be able to help. I have 169 soldiers in my company. We are always on the go doing our jobs to the best of our abilities, and it is really hard for a lot of my soldiers. I was wondering if you had any connections to a group or a program that would provide recordings of this upcoming season's games. I would gladly foot the bill for my soldiers. That would lift the moral so high for so many of my soldiers, in a time when things are quit frankly the worst. We are from Lincoln; most of us are used to being in the stands on Husker Saturday. We are some of the best husker fans you will find. In fact that's one of the things us good old boys talk about on our down time, will the skers win the north in 2006? We would like a chance to see. This is the second time that the 308th has been deployed to OIF in the past 3 years. A lot of individuals like my self volunteered to come back over here. It would be great for any support you might be able to provide my soldiers. You can reach me at JrobHowie24@hotmail.com, or my mailing address is listed below. I thank you for time sir, and GO SKERS!!!
Sgt Joshua R Howard
308th TC 7 TRANS
APO AE 09331

This is Gary McGirr's (NEK4N) response to Sgt. Howard.
Hi Josh:
A Husker flag will soon be on its way to you via the great folks at "The RedZone" (In Omaha). Steve Clark is the owner of the RedZone. Joe, one of Steve's great employees will be sending the Flag. Tell all of your guys and their families to be sure and support the RedZone when buying their Husker gifts and such. These folks are the best. They are great supporters of Alumni and friends across the country. They are tremendous supporters of our troops around the world. We will be looking for that picture with 169 members of the 308th with a Husker Flag.
Hang in there.
Gary and the NE Kansas For Nebraska Alumni Chapter

This is Gary McGirr's email he sent to me.

Dear Husker Dan:
Sounds like we may have cut a deal with Huskervision to provide DVDs to those soldiers from Lincoln, NE for the 2006 football season. We thank Linda Leupold Bill Callahan's administrative assistant for giving this project a BIG boost. Thanks to you Dan for asking for our assistance we were glad to help keep it going.
Gary McGirr
Topeka, Kansas
Here's the email Shot Kleen sent to Sgt. Howard in Iraq.
Dear Sgt. Howard,
We will enter your name into our database and will be contacting you before the football season. Thanks to all you and your men too. Stay safe and good luck to you.
Best regards,
Shot Kleen
Director of Technology
University of Nebraska
400 West Stadium
Lincoln, NE 68588
(402) 472-5989
(402) 472-4479 fax
Northeast Kansans for Nebraska members-We will have our Annual Chapter Picnic on:
Saturday, August 5, 2006
Crestview Shelter House in Shunga Park
4901 SW Shunga Drive
Topeka, Kansas.
We will have an organizational meeting at 6:00 p.m. to pass chapter by-laws, elect coordinators and conduct other business. The meeting will be followed by the picnic at 6:30 p.m. Our featured speaker this year is Curt Tomasevicz, former Husker football player and current member of the USA bobsled team. Your chapter will provide Fairbury Brand hotdogs, burgers and refreshments. Please bring a dish to pass or a dessert. Northeast Kansans For Nebraska members and their children are free. Non member adults are $2.00 and children, $1.00. There will be Husker items to buy and we will have a drawing for free Husker prizes. Invite a Husker friend and join in with other Husker fans in the area as we get ready for the 2006 football season.

And there you have it. Thanks so much to all of you who responded to Sgt. Howard's requests.

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