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Husker fans, it's that time of year again. The blast furnace of the Nebraska summer is about over; vacation bills are pouring in; the sweetcorn season is coming to a close; classes have begun; county fairs have closed; two-a-days have been conquered and Husker Dan is champing at the bit for another Husker football season to begin. He's geeked up (whatever the hell that means), wired, cranked up, pumped up, jacked up and generally quite interested in the new year...

Can you believe it, the home opener with Maine is only days away! DAYS, for cryin' out loud! Husker Fans can almost hear the sounds of "Hail Varsity", "The Tunnel Walk", and the shouts of "Husker...Power!" and "GoooooBigggggggRedddddddddd! Go Big Red!" and "Down in front, fat butt!" They can almost taste the brats, burgers and beer in the pre-game tailgate parties. Ol' Dan'l is getting a little verklempt just thinking about it all.

Bring on Taylor, Beck, Lucky, Glenn, LeKevin, Dillard, Bullocks, Nunn, Ola, McKeon, Dontrell, Ruud, Hardy, Rodney and Jordan "L-M-N-O" Picou, Leon Jackson, Suh, Octavien, Bowman, Ross, Mann, Seppo, Carriker, Moore, Grixby and Green! Let the games begin!!!!

How will our Little Farm Kids do this year? Will the Huskers have a winning season? Will the they go to a bowl game? What's the capitol of Connecticut?

Husker Dan has looked into his Big Red Crystal Ball and has seen what's in store for this year's Men of Corn:

This year the Huskers will have the most talent in the BTN. It's just a matter of when it will develop. Huskers get an assist with five consecutive home games (including Pitt and Iowa State) to start the new year and have OU and K-State at home.
The BTN title will be decided in Boulder, November 25th.
Iowa State
The 'Clones are getting better, but their road record under McCarney is abysmal.
Kansas State
The Wildcats are still stinging after last season's 4-7 record that saw their string of winning seasons and bowl games snapped. Sounds familiar, no?
Gary Pinkle and Brad Smith have something in common. Neither will be back next year.
Last year's schedule was brutal. A couple of plays here and there and Mangino's lads could have been getting hammered by the Sooners last December in Kansas City. And this year's lack of depth is going to force Jayhawk fans to count the number of days until roundball begins.

The Sooners will finally lose to the Horns, but it won't matter. Texas will still have one more loss than Stoops' Troops.
Free at last!! Horns finally whip the Sooners, but wait, you still have to have more conference wins to win the BTS. Too bad, Mack.
Texas A&M
Reggie McNeal will be a force to be reckoned with.
Texas Tech
The Red Raiders will score a lot of points and have a better defense than they had in '04, but it still won't be enough.
Oklahoma State
The Cowboys have a new head coach and too many holes to fill, but they could make a late run.
Somebody has to be last and it might as well be the Bears.

Reliant Stadium, Houston, Texas
December 3, 2005


Both teams will have found a quarterback by that time. Lucky and Ross will challenge Adrian Peterson. The Huskers are still a year or two away from returning to greatness.
The Sooners will edge the emerging Huskers in Houston.

And there you have it.

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