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Here is the latest letter from SSG Myles Frohling, Sr, the Nebraska soldier who is fighting in Iraq. Last fall, he requested Husker game DVDs and asked for Husker apparel he could hand out to the Iraqi citizens.

Dear Husker Dan:
It was good to hear from you. We are coming into a very crazy and intense point in the future of the Iraqis. Our workload has shifted and even our location has shifted since the last correspondence I have had with you.

I have received many great things from great Husker fans across the Americas. I received Frisbees from Douglas Heskett in Omaha. I received a box of food and treats from the Ness family in Houston, TX and I have received numerous cards from a few others. I have been very busy and have not had ample time to get to the Internet to give adequate replies but have not forgotten any of you back there. I cannot thank you enough.

As the months go by here, it gets harder and harder for me and my family. We are nearing our 1 year mark since I have been with them and I have to take this time to praise my wife and all her efforts with our four children. To me, she is the real hero. She, and all the other spouses out there, are the ones who are forgotten. They are responsible for oh so much and then just a little more. Well, I need to go and if I can get ahold of pictures that are cleared, I promise you will be on my list of the first ones to receive them.


SSG Myles Frohling Sr.
SSG Myles A. Frohling Sr.
410th Military Police Company
APO, AE 09310

Readers: Myles had earlier thanked Gary McGirr (NE Kansans for Nebraska) for the box he sent. This might be a appropriate time to pray for Myles, his family and for all those who are in our armed forces.


Readers: This is Myles' response to all of you who took time to send him good wishes this week. It never ceases to amaze me how loving and caring true Husker really fans are.

Dear Husker Dan:
I cannot say enough. In the first few hours after emailing you my last email, the Husker Nation has come out and showed their appreciation. I have personally replied to everyone thus far but I do hope that there are no hurt feelings if there are repeated parts of emails. I try to personalize email to everyone that takes their time to write me.

There is a lot of information that I want each and everyone of them to know as well, so that I hope explains the duplicate parts of emails. Some of these emails have lifted my motivation to continue on. Some of them make me realize that it could be much worse. All of them however, have made me realize that the love of husker fans goes far beyond the borders of Nebraskaland.

I cannot express my thanks enough and just hope that the thoughts continue to go out to everyone of our Husker Soldiers that we do have out here. I am hoping to be able to show my wife the true Husker love this coming year by taking her to a Husker football game. I know that she will be totally surprised at the sportsmanship that all husker fans have. It is amazing how Nebraska pride bleeds over to Husker pride. I am proud to call myself a Christian, American, Nebraskan, and of course a HUSKER!!! Thank You to you all.


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