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Okay Husker fans, most of you are still reeling over the loss the Huskers suffered over the weekend in Norman and with the disappointing 5-5 season to date. To help you catch your breath before the Huskers take on the Buffaloes in the last regular season game, take time to test your knowledge of Husker football by taking Husker Dan's Big Red Trivia Test Part II. Impress your family, friends, enemies, fellow workers, neighbors and ex-spouses with how much you know about Husker football history. Many of you didn't fare too well with Part I, so Husker Dan is giving you another chance to redeem yourself. Good luck!!

0-5 You stumbled upon this site by accident, but decided, what the hey, you'll take the test anyways.
6-10 You read Huskerpedia occasionally, but wonder who'd actually want to know all this crap.
11-15 You used to think you knew a lot about Husker football.
16-20 You're a pretty devoted Husker fan.
21-25 You've written one or more books on Husker football history.
26-30 You wrote this stupid list!!!

1.) Why would the Battle of Manassas likely be of interest to NU Head coach Bill Callahan?
2.) In the famous Husker trick play called the "Black 41 Flash Reverse" that went for a touchdown in the 2001 NU-Oklahoma game, wingback/quarterback Mike Stuntz threw a pass to a wide open Eric Crouch. Who pitched the ball to Mike Stuntz?
3.) Who is the only Husker to play quarterback in a Super Bowl?
4.) What do these former Husker players Bob Churchich, Tommie Fraizer, Zaven Yaralian, Vince Ferragamo, Craig Sundberg, Wendell Wooten and Willie Miller have in common?
5.) The Huskers' second opponent this season was Southern Mississippi. True or False. Nebraska had more players taken in the first three rounds of the 2004 NFL draft than Southern Mississippi.
6.) Why did the crowd give a standing ovation during Bob Devaney's first game in Lincoln?
7.) Whom did NU try to recruit to succeed Bill Jennings in 1962, before contacting Bob Devaney?
8.) From what town did NU's most famous walk-on, I.M. Hipp hail?
9.) The Ruf/Neks are:
A. The name that of the Husker defense before they were called the Blackshirts.
B. A Texas country & western band. C. A Sooner cheer group. D. A football injury similar to turf toe.
10.) True or false: Oklahoma has more conference championships than Nebraska.
11.) What was Tom Novak's jersey number?
12.) What position did he play?
13.) What is significant about his number?
14.) Which former Husker player had the nickname "Lumpy"?
15.) Who was "The Big Smooth"?
16.) What was Wayne Meylan's jersey number?
17.) In which Husker game was the infamous "Phantom Clip" called? And what importance did it have for the Huskers?
18.) Who was the player who caught the out-of-bounds pass late in the game for Penn State at Happy Valley in 1982 that led to a very questionable touchdown just moments later?
19.) Who was the player who batted away the two point conversion try in the infamous Husker loss to the Miami Hurricanes in the 1984 Orange Bowl?
20.) Finish this famous Husker fight song:
"Come a runnin' boys,
Don't you hear that noise?
Like the thunder in the sky,
How it rolls along
In a good ol' song,
From the sons of __________."
21.) Who holds the NU career record for touchdown passes?
A. Vince Farragamo B. Dave Humm C. Tommie Frazier D. Jerry Tagge
22.) What native Nebraskan threw the final key block (clip?!!) on Johnny Rodgers' famous punt return in "The Game of the Century" in 1971?
23.) What Husker player was nicknamed "Zippety"?
24.) What famous Husker helped his teams win a college football national championship and World Series championship?
25.) What is the real name of the "Tunnel Walk" music played before each Husker football game and who is the artist who recorded it?
26.) The current "Tunnel Walk" music was not the athletic department's first choice. What famous Husker song was considered before the current version and why was it not used?
27.) In the 1892 game verses the University of Illinois, the Huskers scored a touchdown and the kick after the TD was good. Why was the score only 6-0 instead of 7-0?
28.) Who said:
"I think we've got to emphasize winning; I am very much against limiting competition to the type where it doesn't make any difference whether you win or lose. I feel it's important. This country wouldn't be where it is today- whether you think it's good or bad-there'd never be a leader in the Free World to offset the other side if we hadn't put winning first and put emphasis on being the best."
29.) The Huskers are 3-0 in overtime games (Missouri, Notre Dame and Colorado). Besides the victory, what do the 3 wins have in common?
30.) Who scored the first Husker touchdown of the Bill Callahan era?

1.) Because he's a Civil War buff.
2.) Thunder Collins
3.) Vince Farragamo
4.) Each wore jersey number 15.
5.) False. Each school had one player chosen in the first three rounds.
Huskers: DeMorrio Williams OLB (3rd round)-So. Mississippi: Eric Pruitt, safety (3rd round)
6.) A pass was thrown.
7.) Michigan State's Duffy Daugherty was contacted by then UN Chancellor Clifford Hardin because it was rumored that Duffy was not happy at MSU. The rumor turned out to be false. Duffy wasn't interested in the Husker job, but highly recommended his old friend and former Spartan assistant coach, Bob Devaney for the job.
8.) Chapin, NC
9.) C
10.) False. NU leads 42-34
11.) 60
12.) Center/linebacker
13.) It's the first Husker jersey number to be officially retired. No one has worn that number since Tom wore it.
14.) Lance Lundberg
15.) Jamayel Phillips
16.) 66
17.) It was a Corey Dixon punt return for a touchdown in the Orange Bowl after the 1993 season. Had the TD counted, NU likely would have won a national championship and would have given the Huskers 3 consecutive national championships. NU would have had 4 national championships in 5 years.)
18.) Gregg Garrity
19.) Ken Calhoun
20.) "Nee brass sky"
21.) Tommie Fraizer
22.) Joe Blahak
23.) Fred "Zippety" Duda (Husker QB 1963, '64 and '65)
24.) Darrin Erstad
25.) "Sirius" by the Alan Parsons Project
26.) "Come A-Runnin' Boys" was ruled out because it was thought it might be offensive to black athletes.
27.) Because at that time, a touchdown was worth 4 points and the kick after a TD was worth 2 points giving the Huskers a 6-0 win.
28.) Bob Devaney
29.) Each win was on the road. (at Missouri, at Notre Dame and at Colorado)
Each of the winning touchdowns was scored on a run by a quarterback.
Both quarterbacks were native Nebraskans.
Each QB wore jersey #7. (Scott Frost and Eric Crouch)
30.) Husker quarterback Joe Dailey on a 6 yard run against Western Illinois University.

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