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Dear Readers:
In my last column, I posted a question from a reader who asked that I solicit new names for the Huskers' West Coast Offense.  As usual, you readers responded with some great (and some not so great!) names.  There were many duplicates but there isn't time or space to list all of them. Thanks to everyone who contributed. 
The following are some of your suggestions:
"No Coast Offense" because it breaks down geographical ties.  And with the number of plays, sets and options that can be run in the offense, it means that opposing defenses will  never be able to coast.  
Bryan S.
Atlanta, GA
PS.  Pray for me.  I am stuck in Atlanta, Georgia around the Bulldog and Tech Fans.  They do not have our class.
Red Shirts (complementary to the Black Shirts)
Roy M.
Lakewood, CO
"Option With Options Other Than QB Left, QB Right, QB Drop Back and Scramble (run for your life?) Offense", or for short, OWOOTQLQRDBASO.
Joe P.
Portland, OR
NTO (Not The Option) and of course, here in Colorado, we'll be reminded that NTO stands for "No Tom Osborne".
Leon H.
Denver, CO
The Aeraters (as in the Air Raiders)
Eric The Red
Chicago, IL
Lets Go Husker Offense (LGHO= the leg-o offense-made up of a thousand pieces)
Bud D.
Crofton, NE
The Prairie Fire Offense
Wendall C.
Fullerton, CA
WhaC-O Offense because it is an offense that is rather screwy at times.  Like, having a third and 15 and throwing the ball to a primary receiver who is 5 yards down field.
Mari S.
New York City, NY
It has to be called the Big Red Air-O
Darren S.
Penn Valley, CA
Borne Again Offense (in reference-and reverence-to former NU head coach Tom Osborne who, back in the 70s, used to run a similar offense)
Dee Dee H.
Ft. Meyers, FL
Call it the CEO offense. (Callahan Express Offense)
Bud F.
Frisco, CO
It has to be called the Strategic Air Demand Offense.  (Nebraska is the headquarters for SAC.  The Huskers will pass when needed.)
Dave S.
Omaha, NE
BMOC (Billy's Millennium Offensive Connection)
Jack Z.
Phoenix, AZ
Corn Chucker Offense
Mark A.
Cincinnati, OH
Bill H.
Sanborn, NY
RedAir Express
Matt A.
Callahan Shuffle
Brent V.
Colorado Springs, CO
Bob S.
Santa Fe, NM
Haymaker Offense
Roy M.
Lakewood, CO
Red Lightning
Carla H.
Pueblo, CO
Big Red Spread (The WCO is to designed to spread out the defense and make them defend the entire field.)
Scott J.
Ft. Collins, CO
The I-80 Offense (You can pass when you have to.)
Hugh M. 
El Paso, TX
Flashmouth Football
Joe P.
Casper, WY
How about "The North Forty" offense?
"The Stop Showing Footage of Combines in the Field Before Nationally Broadcast Games, as Our Offense is No Longer a Metaphor for the Hard Work Nebraskans Endure on the Farm" offense or, for short the "TSSFCFBNGOONLMHWNEF".  Or how about
"The Pray to God It'll Work Soon" offense?
"Tornado Alley" offense
"Our Quarterback is Finally a Quarterback and Not a Glorified Running Back" offense.
Brian C.
Marysville, KN
Huskers 'N Motion
Oh, No Lord, We're Going to Pass"...with the emphasis on No Lord.
James M.
Reno, NV
Midwest Coast Offense!!!!
This name will absolutely catch on nationwide, with fans, sportswriters etc.
Randy S.
Phoenix, AZ
Shuck and Chuck Offense
Red Stealth Offense
Brains on the Plains Offense
Scott S.
Colorado Springs, CO
Air Corn
Scott S.
Derby, KN
Sell Out Offense, as in the Huskers sold out the power running game for the WCO.
Jack J.
Long Beach, CA
Cornbelt Offense
Paul H.
Logan, UT
Billy Ball
Rayman N.
Ft. Worth, TX
Corn Field Connection
Stan S.
Alliance, NE
West Corn Offense
Justin D
Caney, KN
The Red Rangerovers
Ron W.
Medford, OR
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