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Here are some movies you might want to rent during the hectic Holidays.  Sit back, relax and enjoy these DVD classics.
Starring William Hurt and Ben Kingsley.  This is an intriguing story about a group of people caught in a time warp in which for the past thirty-four years, their favorite football team has won at least nine games and goes to a bowl game every year.  Having sipped the water from the trunk of the Tom-Bob Tree, they have remained unchanged since 1969.  Despite all the success they've all enjoyed, this band of nomadic people believes they have been cursed.  "It's hell having to live this way," Husk, their leader laments.
 (Rated PG) ***
Look for the sequel coming out next December, "SCHMUCK EVERLASTING".  It's a film that shows how these same people learn to cope with a season in which they have a new head coach, new assistant coaches and have to start the season with a corps of inexperienced quarterbacks who have to face road games at Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, Kansas State and Texas Tech.
Starring Faye Ray, Dennis Day, Doris Day, Tim May and Rex the Wonder kicking tee in a movie about football players who forsake their college eligibility to turn pro, thereby becoming instant millionaires but who always manage to say, "It was the toughest decision of my life," as they drive away in their $90,000 Beemers.  (Cameo appearances by Ahman Green, Tonui Fonoti and Dominic Raiola.)  (Rated G for Green)  * 1/2
A hilarious movie starring Tim Allen who plays the role of a football coach who after reading the fine print in his contract, discovers that in order to keep his job, he must win at least nine games this year and beat either Kansas State or Texas in the process.  The fun begins when Frankie Claus, played by the affable Tim Allen, knows that in order to keep his job, his team must win its last regular game of the season against the Buffaloes.  The pressure is REALLY on because his team has already lost big to BOTH the Longhorns and the much-hated Wildcats.  With every courageous call the coach made during the season, he finds that his power has weakened.  (He used up much of his power sticking with an inept quarterback who is prone to making bone-headed mistakes and he has eschewed touchdown attempts for field goal attempts that end up getting blocked.)  Will he have enough power to reach the magic total of nine wins?  Will he get to keep his job?  Don't miss the suspense!!!  (Rated TB for Too Bad)  ****
This is a docu-drama about the 1995 Husker football team, one of the most dominating teams ever to play the game of college football.  See all the bone-crushing hits made by such players as the Peter brothers, Chris Dishman, Aaron Taylor, Jared Tomich, Grant Wistrom, Terrell Farley and Eric Anderson.  This is a "must" for every Husker fan!  Included in this new DVD is the never before scenes of Florida head football Steve Spurrier as he watches his "Fun 'n Gun" team dismantled by the Huskers in the Fiesta Bowl in the national championship game.  (Rated R-for violence)  ***************
This is a comedy starring Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman.  Carrey plays the part of Steve, the a new college athletic director who is given Heavenly powers.  To test his newly given authority, he fires the school's head football coach before the season has ended!  What's more hilarious, is the fired coach just won nine games and has a 75% career winning percentage!  The laughs begin when Steve tries to find a new head coach.  But before he does that, he has to find an interim coach to lead the football team for its last game of the season-a bowl game on national television!  Don't miss the laughs and the suspense as the interim head coach and the AD try to convince the players, assistant coaches, recruits, boosters and football fans that everything is going to be okay!  (Rated PT for Pretty Terrifying)  ***1/2
The Steve Pederson Watch
It does everything on its own time.
The 2004 Ruudabaker convertible. 
This classic car has only one drawback.  Its engine never stops running.
The Limbaugh Letter
A replica of the one worn by Jack, a Husker center from Algona, Iowa.
"Catch Me If You Can" 
A new book co-authored by Matt Herian and Isaiah Fluellen.
Dear Readers:
Husker Dan wishes all of you a very joyous Holiday Season.  A special wish goes to all the men and women around the world who are helping to protect the freedoms all of us enjoy each day.  May they all return safely to their friends and families.
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