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Corrigan vs. Corgan
Dear Mr. Smarty-pants:
You always criticize others for bad grammar etc.  Well, you can't even get Mike Corgan's (not Corrigan as you wrote) name spelled correctly.  So there.
Nick Schuldig
Fargo, ND
As most of you readers know, I intentionally misspell words etc. from time to time, just to see if any of you are paying attention.  Once again, you readers have shown how incredibly sharp you are.  Keep up the great work.  You never know when another "error" might happen...
Dear Husker Dan:
I couldn't freakin' believe that you had to issue an apology for the award you were going to "give" to some unsuspecting sap.  It was all in fun.  I can't believe anyone could possibly be offended by the award.  We all knew it was fictitious.  Like they say, no harm, no foul. Keep up the good work and don't cave into the stupid politically correct idiots out there.  By the way, who DID win the award?
Neil Downe
Fresno, CA
For the record, the "YOU KNOW WHAT AWARD" was given to you-know-who, you-know-when, you-know-where and you-know-why.  Thanks to all who voted (you know who you are) and the 150 people who actually showed up for the event.  A good time was had by all.
Husker Dan:
You wrote in your "Apology" letter that Chip Chuckley isn't real, that he's just made up.  Well, I've called into his show several times and actually got on the air.  So what's up with the denial?  I don't get it!
Kris Masscheer
Enid, Oklahoma
You people have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands.
Husker Dan:
Chelsea Kimmerling (NU cheerleader) needs our votes.  She's up against other co-eds for some cheerleading award.  You can vote once each day as many times as you want.  Let's get out the vote.  We didn't win the northern division, the Big 12 or can't win the national championship, but Nebraska CAN produce a winner in cheerleading!!!  VOTE FOR CHELSEA!!!
Bill Zarrdue
Carp City, Arizona
I'm not sure the voting is still going on, but if it is, go to huskerpedia.com and vote for Chelsea.  Also, what's the story with people who are accusing Husker fans of cheating to get her elected?  Anyone?  Anyone?
Husker Dan:
My wife and I really like the Aunt Rosie columns.  When will Rosie be coming out with a new set of letters?  We can't wait!!!  Rosie rocks!
Don Weknauergayaparall
Clinton, South Dakota
I'm afraid I have some bad news.  As a result of this week's inclement weather, Aunt Rosie slipped on some ice and fractured her hip. Her doctors say she should be able to be home around Christmas but will have a long period of rehab.  Her daughter, Darlene, plans to stay with her for several weeks to take care of her.  Aunt Rosie is at Bryan LGH  in Lincoln but has asked that any messages be sent to her in care of Husker Dan at: huskerdan@cox.net.  I will see that she gets all your messages.  She told me she didn't want people to "fuss" over her and insists she'll return to her typewriter as soon as she's up to it.
Dear Husker Dan:
You wrote that we should forget about the "LJS-said Steve Pederson-said" debate, that we should just move along and worry about the future.  Well, Pederson talks about the importance of integrity and all that kind of baloney.  It seems to me, if Steve is right and the LJS is wrong, Steve and Harvey Perlman have an obligation to go after the Journal big time.  If they don't, Pederson's integrity as well as that of the University of Nebraska will be questioned.
Duane DeSynk
Hiawatha, NJ
Forget it.  It isn't going to happen.  Steve and Harvey are not about to start a war with the only newspaper in the city of Lincoln. 
Husker Dan:
Hey, what happened to your follow up on the Colorado game?  I'll bet you didn't want to write one because you picked the Buffaloes to beat our Huskers.  I bet you don't have the guts to admit that you were wrong.  Boy, what a wimp.  I knew it, I KNEW it!
Joe Mahma
Creekside, NE
First of all, Husker Dan will not shirk from his responsibilities as a Huskerpedia contributor.  As far as my prediction that CU would win the NU game, my plan worked again to perfection.  This is only the second time I've gone against the Huskers.  The first time was last year's A&M game.  The Huskers rallied to win at College Station that year and did the same thing this year in Boulder. So my fiendish plot worked!!  He-he-he-he-he!!!!!!  I'm proud of my 2 and 0 record.
Boulder, Colorado
Beethoven had his Ninth and Frank Solich got his Ninth Friday, November 28th, by beating the Buffaloes in an inspired but ugly football game that ended Colorado's slim bowl chances and gave the Huskers a 9 win season for the 34th time in the last 35 years.
The game could have been dubbed "The Survival Bowl" because of the impact the game many thought would have on the coaching career of Frank Solich.  It had been rumored the week leading up to the game that NU AD Steve Pederson planned to fire Frank Solich after Friday's game with the Buffaloes.  But with a nine win season, it looked as if plans for Solich's dismissal would have to be shelved for at least another year.
Like Ludwig, Frankie's Ninth also would be his last.  The end came in a frank (pardon the pun) 5 minute "meeting" Saturday night with Nebraska AD Steve Pederson.  Frank is out: Bo is in...sorta.  Bo was awarded "interim" status until such time as Stevie makes up his mind.  As of this writing, no announcement has been made, although most rumors say Bo's the guy and all they have to do is work out the details.  But how long can details take?  Geeesh!!!!
The odd thing about the Colorado game that it almost became lost in the controversy surrounding Solich's firing.  Let's not forget the win's significance:
We beat Colorado.
We beat Gary Barnett.
We revenged last year's loss.
We beat the Buffaloes at Boulder.
We won a Big 12 conference game.
We kept CU from going to a bowl game.
We gave CU a losing record for the season.
We ensured the Huskers another 9 win season.
We earned a trip to a good bowl held in a state (Texas) in which the Huskers recruit heavily.
The hit by Lornell McPherson on CU's running back Brian Calhoun was a thing of beauty!
Kellen Huston's run on a fake field goal was awesome!
Pat Ricketts' interception in the end zone late in the game.  (I thought his right knee came down in the end zone and should have been ruled a touchback-but what do I know.)
Jim Rose, radio voice of Cornhusker football, said of a Zack Mills' pass thrown during this year's Penn State-Husker game, "That was a Lady Godiva fastball.  There was nothin' on it."  Thanks Jim for another gem!
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