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H U S K E R    D A N
Toledo 35-Pittsburgh 31
Marshall 27-Kansas State 20
Florida State 47-Colorado 7
Northern Illinois 19-Alabama 16
Michigan State 22-Notre Dame 16
On the same weekend that Colorado gets punked; K-State drops one at home to that powerhouse Marshall team and Notre Dame loses to the Spartans, the Huskers, without playing a game, climb 4 spots in the coaches poll to #11!!!!!  Is this a great country, or what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, be honest, prior to the season, who among you would have thought the Huskers would be 3-0?  There are some of you who still complain (and you know who you are) that the Huskers haven't won by enough points, that we have too many problems in the Red Zone, that our running game is vanilla, that our kickoffs aren't what they used to be when Josh and Kris Brown were here and that Jammal Lord is to quarterbacking what the Lorena Bobbitt is to organ transplanting.  Well, despite all that, the Huskers are a big 3 and OH and are going for four in the snakepit called "The Rock" in beautiful Hattiesburg, Mississippi this Thursday night.
We've been warned that the crowd will be all liquored-up and will be yelling about 3 feet from the line of scrimmage.  We are told the Golden Eagles won't be intimidated by the Big Red, after all, they've hosted teams as good or better than the Huskers for years.  So the Huskers had better watch out, the Golden Eagles will be fired up, they say.
To be sure, teams like Marshall, Northern Illinois and Toledo have proved this year the adage that "On any given Saturday..." anything can happen.  Moreover, the Huskers in away games have a dismal 1-6 record over the past 7 games (thank goodness for the comeback at College Station last year). 
If you think the Husker coaches haven't reminded the players of this anemic road record, you're smoking a little too much Betty Furness.  The coaches do NOT want to continue the idea that the Huskers can't win on the road.  The time to make a statement is this Thursday in Hattiesburg, in front of ESPN and the rest of the college football world.
Wouldn't this be a great time to crank up the hitherto sputtering Husker offense?  Wouldn't this be a great time to spring Joe Dailey and show the football world Big Red ain't dead?  If the D and the O show up Thursday night, look out.
D and O spell "DO" and that rhymes with CHEW as in the Huskers will chew up the clock, the Golden Eagles, the Eagles' fans and send a statement to college football not to overlook the Huskers this year.
Most critics think that Hattiesburg is the closest the Huskers will get to this year's national championship game in the Sugar Bowl 90 minutes away in New Orleans.  But don't sell the Huskers short, just yet.
I know it's way too early, but the way the rest of the league has been playing (Texas getting punked by Arkansas, Missouri struggling with winless Middle Tennessee State, Colorado's porous defense, K-State's listless performance at home), and it's conceivable the Huskers could run the table in the regular season and could face the Sooners for the Big 12 championship in December.  Now, wouldn't that be something.
This week the Huskers are playing the Golden Eagles of Southern Mississippi at "The Rock" in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Well, the Eagles may find themselves caught between a "Rock" and a hard place Thursday night by the Nebraska Cornhuskers. 
Both teams pride themselves with a big advantage in turnover margins.  If the Husker offense can keep from beating themselves with stupid penalties, lame passes and untimely fumbles, AND the Bo-Shirts play lights-out football, this game could be a break-away win for the Huskers.  A win would prove, for the time being, that the Huskers can win on the road in front of a very hostile crowd.
The Huskers will turn Hattiesburg into HAD-iesburg, as in, the Golden Eagles HAD their chance to upset the Huskers at home and make college football headlines, but blew it.  The Huskers will stuff the Golden Eagles.
SO. MISSISSIPPI         10
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