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H U S K E R    D A N
Packed House
A Husker home game at night
In September
The Bo Attack
Demorrio Williams
Joe Dailey
The out-of-bounds "catch" at Happy Valley in '82 that wasn't
Penn State's winning TD "catch" in '82 that also wasn't
The Husker national championship in '82 that wasn't
The national championship for undefeated Penn State in '94 that wasn't
Did I say payback?
This is a big game. Huge. Win it, and Husker fans will be thinking of sugar plums and a BCS invite. Lose this sucker, and well, let's not even go there.
It doesn't matter that the Lions aren't rated, or that the Huskers are barely in the Top 20. This is Revenge 2003, Part II, the second of 6 regular season losses to avenge from last year.
Penn State is a good team to play at this stage of the young Husker season. Nebraska, even with its wobbly offense is 2-0 and are ranked #18 in both polls. The Husker defense, if it continues to improve, could be one of the best in school history. A game with a "name" opponent, at home, at night, and a chance for redemption on 1/2 national TV, what more could you ask for?
Well, for starters, the Huskers need a win-any kind of win. We'll take it.
Penn State has had its own problems this season. Missing are many of the players that tattooed the Huskers last year. But QB Zach Mills is back. But it may be a long night for him, especially if the Demorrio and the Bo Shirts show up.
It will be loud Saturday night in Lincoln. It will be deafening. It will be jam-packed to the rafters as Lyle Bremser would say. The joint will be jumpin'. Husker fans are just licking their chops to see their team get some respect and to avenge the 40-7 thumping the Lions laid on our Huskers in Happy Valley last year.
JoPa has been wringing his hands all week with his "Woe is us", "Aw shucks", and "We ain't gotta a chance" statements. He says his Lion team is backed into a corner. It's true, a cornered animal can be very dangerous, unless of course, it has to go up against the relentless pursuit of the Blackshirts and play in front of 78,000 rabid Husker fans who will be screaming under the lights at Memorial Stadium.
Many of today's Husker fans have no memory of Penn State's extended playing field, or the trapped "catch" for the touchdown that beat the Huskers 27-24 in '82. They don't remember the next year, how the Scoring Explosion of '83 pasted the Lions 40-6 in East Rutherford, New Jersey in the Kickoff Classic.
It's too bad this series won't be renewed for quite awhile. These are two of the winningest football programs in all of college football. It's the Slicks verses the Hicks (or so the Lions' fans call us).
Let's show the Lions what a good old fashioned ass-whoopin' is like. Let's do it with class, with bone jarring hits, inspired play on the offense, defense and special teams. Let's be relentless in our pursuit. And if you are at the game, yell until your lungs ache and your face hurts. Be polite to the PSU fans and smile at them as they leave the game after the Huskers hand them their butts in a bucket.
The Nittany Lions roared last year, the Huskers will soar this year. Hold on, you heard it here first!
HUSKERS        28
LIONS               10
GO HUSKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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