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The theme music blares,
The guitar screeches,
The db level is so loud that it makes your parakeet sterile.  The theme music fades, (thankfully).......
Good evening everybody and welcome to tonight's edition of "Sports Chat" hosted by yours truly, Chip Chuckley.  As you know, we'll be taking your calls tonight about Husker football.  The Cornhuskers are 2 and oh, are ranked number 18 in both polls and are set to face the Nittany Lions from Penn State this Saturday night in Lincoln.  We want to hear what you think about the Huskers at this point in the season.  Call us tofu, I mean, toll free at 1-800-SPORTSCHAT.  Let's go to our first caller, BJ, from Omaha.  Welcome to "Sports Chat".
Caller:  Umm, Am I on?
Chip Chuckley:  Go ahead.
C:  I'm a kirst time faller, er.  I mean, I'm a first time caller, but a long time listener...You know what I mean.  I'm a little nervous.
CC:  You're doing great.
C:  I just wanted to ask you, do you think Joe Dailey will start this week against Penn State?  I'll hang up and listen to your answer.
CC:  Thanks for your call.   No, I don't think Joe will be the starter this Saturday.  But Joe Dailey is the Husker QB of the future.  I realize that Dailey came in in the 3rd quarter when the Aggies were pretty much beat up, but Joe did show a great deal of poise when he did play.   He runs great, has a quick release and is a very accurate thrower.  I think Joe will see playing time this Saturday-maybe in the 2nd quarter, depending on how the game is going.  If Dailey continues to master the offense that has taken Jammal almost 5 years to grasp, you'll see him starting.  I think it'll happen sooner than later.  Let's go to our next caller, Gary from  Los del Frappe, California.  You're on "Sports Chat".
C:  Am I on?
CC:  Go ahead
C:  Dude, I agree with you on this one.  I think he'll get the nod at the Missouri game.  What do you think?
CC:  I think it'll happen sooner than that.  Troy State may be the best game for his debut as the starter.
C:  Why's that?
CC:  It's a home game.  It's a game the Huskers should win.  Starting him in a hostile environment on the road at Missouri might not be the best thing for a true freshman quarterback.  My guess is Troy State.  Let's go to Dave from Longmont,Colorado on a cell phone.  Dave, you're on "Sports Chat".
C:  I really like your show, Chip, you tell it like it is.  My question is, and I realize this may be too early to think about it, but who do you think will replace Frank Solich when it's time for him to go?  Do you think someone out of the program like Sonny Lubick at Colorado State?  Who do you think?
CC:  You ask a good question, Dave.  If the Huskers do well this year and the next few years, it would be hard to get rid of a coach who is winning a lot of games.  And no, I don't think Sonny Lubick would be an attractive replacement.  Let's go to Perry in Broken Axle, Oklahoma.  Welcome to "Sports Chat".
C:  Chipper-roo, thanks for taking my call, man.  Hey, I got another question for you to think about.  I know it's early, but the Huskers defense is ranked #1 in the Big 12, and about #14 in the country, or something like that.  Yeah, I know, we haven't exactly played Miami and Ohio State, but, let's say that Bo's stock continues to rise over the next couple of years.  You know what I mean, the Husker program turns around, especially on defense.  People across the country who have written off the Huskers earlier will suddenly take notice that the Huskers are back on track.
CC:  So what's your point?
C:  I'm gettin' there.  So what will happen to Bo Pelini's stock once everybody hears about his defensive genius?  I know it's early, but we all know Bo's wants to one day be a head coach in D-I, right?
CC:  I guess so.
C:  Well, there will be schools with big bank rolls looking for just such a coach, right? 
CC:  I would think so.
C:  So what's Steve Pederson gonna do?  Will he stay with a 60 year old coach in the twilight of his career and more importantly, will he want to be known as the one who passed on Bo Pelini as a head coach? 
CC:  Good question.  And a tough one.  How do you see this thing playing out?
C:  The way I see it, Stevie ain't no dummy.  He's a football guy.  And,he's a tough businessman.   Shoot, he even fired Johnny Majors at Pittsburgh-the same Johnny Majors who gave Steve Pederson his start at Tennessee.  There's no way Pederson would pass on the deal.  No frickin' way.  Pelini will be the next head coach at Nebraska, mark my word.
CC:  So what do you do with Frank Solich?
C:  Chip, you do what anybody would do.  To use the words of Don Corleone, you make him an offer he can't refuse.  Frank gets a fund-raising gig and Solich makes up some cockamamie story about wanting to spend more time with his grandkids or something like that.  Like I said, that's the way I see it.
CC:  Good take, Dave.  Thanks for calling.  We have time for one more call.  We go to Arnold in Hollywood, California.  How are you tonight?
C:  Vunderfuul!!
CC:  Are you by any chance running for governor in California?
C:  You betchyer booties, I am!
CC:  This is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger!!!  It's great to have you on our show, Mr. Schwarzenegger.
C:  Chust call me Ahhnold.
CC:  Great.  I think I read something on Huskerpedia recently that said you are a Husker fan.  How did that happen?
C:  Dat's kerreckt.  I zahw da Huskers on da T-Fee a kupple off yearz ago, it vass a home game unt I koodent belieff awl da red in da Schtadium.  I hadn't zeen zo much red sinz my fodder hatt hiss government chobb.  Ha ha ha.  Unt I luvv
you-er vite zong, "Heil Varsatty".
CC:  That's "Hail Varsity".
C:  Vuddeffer.
CC:  So who do you think will win the game this Saturday night in Lincoln?
C:  Dat'z eessee. 
CC:  How's that?
C:  Da teem votz got da moost points att da ent of da game, dat'z who vill vinn!  I gotta go now.  It'z been guud tocking widd you, Chuck.
CC:  It's Chip.
C:  Vuddeffer.


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