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Readers:  Not long ago, a Husker fan from Michigan wrote me asking what he should do this Saturday to make his first game at Memorial Stadium a memorable experience.  (There were several others who had the same request-Jeanne Cosentino-Plano, TX, Jeremiah Sherwood-Oklahoma, Tim Fox-Springfield, PA and Blaine Baker-Laramie, WY)
Thanks to all of you who sent your suggestions on how to spend one day in the Promised Land.
1.)  "This guy is in for a treat, he is going to enjoy one of the best sporting experiences in ALL of sports.  I've seen lots of games in lots of different sports, nothing is better in my book.  I'm jealous, I haven't been to a home game since I graduated."
(Andrew Morrison, San Diego, CA)
2.)  "For the love of God, if you drive from Omaha, leave about 8:00 a.m.  Find parking early!!!" 
(Steve in Round Rock, Texas)
3.)  "Saturday morning you shall wake up bright and early and dress in anything from your closet that has red in it including those polyester pants that you haven't busted out since 1972...As you make your way to the stadium you will wonder why you are getting goose bumps when it is 98 degrees outside..."
(Alison Benson, Omaha, NE) 
4.)  "I would suggest that on Friday evening (if you're staying in Lincoln), you go to Misty's in Havelock for a great Nebraska steak.  Many ABC network people go there on Friday night and the food is super!"
(John Tanner-TNL)
5.)  "...from one who saw her first Husker game in 1934...you should walk through downtown Lincoln just to see all the red-clad people..."
Midge Irvin (TNL)
6.)  "Go to the Sidetrack Tavern (downtown Lincoln).  It has the best pep rally...with the best Husker fans.  Lots of Husker songs are sung with some old favorites with an adult flare.  Get there early, there's usually a line."
(Husker Paul Perkins-TNL)
7.)  "My one suggestion would be to see the Cornhusker Marching Band perform an hour before game time outside Kimball Hall and then follow them down to the stadium.  The walk to the stadium is awesome...I was a member of the band from '98-'02.
(Dan McGuire-TNT)
8.)  "See the Cornhusker Marching Band march down Stadium Way (just south and west of the Stadium) and play "The Band Song" and be sure to listen as they break into "Hail Varsity"
(Gary Melvin-TNL)
9.)  "Visit the weight room and trophy rooms in the West Stadium...Don't miss "The Tunnel Walk" on HuskerVision (you) will never forgive yourself if you do...Get a Fairbury brand hot dog, a Runza, some Val's pizza..."
(Ryan Burger-TNL)
10.)  "Have a couple of brewskies at Barry's before the game, at halftime and after the game..."
Dan Druff (Newton, Ohio)
11.)  "No alcohol before the game so your head is 100% clear."
(John Strope, Jr.-Louisville, KY)
12.)  "...walk through the Nebraska Bookstore and buy something that you will remember from your first game"
(Demetreus Delgado-TNL)
13.) "Once you are in the stadium, go directly to the brick "tunnel walk" (south stadium) and find yourself a front row position to welcome the Huskers onto the field...the Huskers walk right past you...you get to cheer them and pat them on the back as they pass by..."
(Dan Wiseman-TNL) 
14.)  "Don't miss the statue on the east side of the Stadium..."
(Miles Perhauer-Manzanita Beach, OR)
15.)  "Some years ago my father and I, on the morning of his death, sang 'There Is No Place Like Nebraska'...be sure to sing it at the game this Saturday..."
(Mike Douglas-Westlake Village, CA)
16.) "Be sure to see the tribute to the 800 former Husker players who will be honored 20 minutes before gametime."
(Rita Booke-Hot Flash, OK)
17.)  "Don't forget to buy a Big Red balloon to let go on the first Husker score.  I also bring a Kleenex to dab my eyes when I tear up upon singing the National Anthem..."
(Wendy & Ernesto Leon-Gambetta-TNL)
18.)  "...Just remember to treat our competitor's fans with respect..."
(Tim Fisher-Holland, MI)
19.)  "Yell often and loudly!!!!" 
(Don Tumeachya-Inataxahuni-Last Gasp, NV)
20.)  "Don't try to do everything!"
("Pop" Uhlir-Verdigre, NE)
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