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Readers:  This is a letter I received today from a Husker Dan reader.  Now's your chance to offer your ideas on how this Husker fan should spend his one day at the beloved Promise Land, the sacred place known as Memorial Stadium.  Think of it, if you had just one day to take in as much Husker aura as you could, what would you do?
I'll pass the suggestions on to the writer (I'm not using his real name).  Husker fans, let's hear from you!!! 
Send you comments to HuskerDan@cox.net  Hurry, the game is only 2 weeks away!
Husker Dan:
Love the column!  Was wondering if you could give me a plan of action for my first visit to Lincoln on August 30 for the Home opener.  I am a Husker fan, Omaha transplant, stuck in Michigan.  My wife has purchased two tickets to the game and I am coming out to see the Big Red for the first time and would like to know what to do and see before the game.  I have talked with all of my family members back in the Motherland, and have been given 20 different ideas.  However, I feel since I only have one day, I need to have an expert advise me on where to go and what to do.
Ron DeVoo
Custer, Michigan