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Saying Goodbye to Garth Glissman
Sung to Neil Sedaka's "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"
(The slow version)
(Piano chord)
You tell us that you're leavin',
We can't believe it's true,
Garth, there's just no livin' without you.
Don't take your arm away from us.
Don't you leave our team out in the dust,
'Cause if you do, then we'll be blue,
Walking out is hard to do.
Remember when you played this Spring,
And you showed that you could do your thing?
Think of all that you've been through.
Walking out is hard to do.
They say our passing game is gonna be good,
You should stay, we know that you should!
Don't say that this is the end,
Instead of walkin' off we wish that you were walkin' on again!
(Key change)
We beg of-a you don't say goodbye!
Won't you give our team another try?
Come on G.G., let's start anew!
'Cause walking out is hard to do.
Walking out, is oh so hard to do.
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