Husker Dan: Huskers to spring forward?

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If there is a quarterback other than Adrian Martinez starting the 2018 season, I will be stunned (injuries not withstanding).

Tristan Gebbia looked good, too, but AM seems to be a cut above him as well as walk-on Andrew Bunch.  (Noah Vedral will likely have to sit out next season because of NCAA transfer rules.)

To be sure, it’s a bit premature to name a QB starter at this stage.  And true to his word, Scott Frost won’t be naming one until some time in Fall Camp.

It was great seeing Wyatt Mazour (a Danny Woodhead clone?) break a 43 yard TD run for the Red team.  I don’t think he’ll be an every-down back, but Wyatt might be a very valuable asset for the Huskers this fall.  And Greg “The Eel” Bell looked like the best running back all day.  And Will Honas is going to be a great player for Nebraska.  I loved seeing another walk-on, Kade Warner, son of former NFL QB Kurt Warner, have a nice 57-yard catch and run for the Red team.  I didn’t see if his dad was in attendance Saturday.


And speaking of attendance, how ’bout them Husker fans showing up in the rain to break the all-time Husker spring game record with a crowd of 86,818!!!  Absolutely amazing!!!


Why didn’t Shot Kleen play the traditional (since 1994) “Tunnel Walk” music to bring the players on to the field Saturday?  How could that be?  Instead, the Beatles’ “Come Together” was played.  Huh?  Are you kidding me?  Omitting the “Tunnel Walk” (Allan Parsons Project’s “Sirius”) is sacrilegious to most Husker fans.

About four or five years ago, I asked readers if they thought the TW music should be replaced.  The response then was an overwhelming “no!!!”  Not only no, but HELL no!  I seriously doubt if the Tunnel Walk will be replaced anytime soon. But, who knows?

From what we’ve heard about winter conditioning this year for the players (two kids were hospitalized, the early start times and hard practices), perhaps the Beatles’ tune that should have been played was “A Hard Day’s Night.”
“It’s been a hard day’s night, and I been working like a dog
It’s been a hard day’s night, I should be sleeping like a log…”


Looking at the spring game, there were some good things and some not-so-good things that happened.  A lot is going to have to get better by the time the Akron Zips come to Lincoln September 1st.

What the players do from now until then will determine how successful Nebraska is going to be this fall.

That’s why I think the Husker motto until then should be: SPRING FORWARD. (It’s what we all have to do each year to set our clocks for Daylight Savings Time.)  Let’s hope the players continue to up their game in the off-season.


Quick, do you know who the Zips coach is?  If you guessed Terry Bowden, you win.  Bowden, son of legendary head coach Bobby Bowden, is in his 7th season at Akron and has a 31-42 overall record there.  And if you’ll recall, Terry used to be the head coach of Auburn from ’93-’98.


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